Ibiza Diving

Ibiza Diving

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Ibiza Diving, Ibiza Overview

Swimming in the Mediterranean is a fabulous experience, snorkeling opens your eyes to a whole new world beneath the surface of this beautiful clear sea, but diving around the coast of a clean island like Ibiza is almost too much for the senses. Ibiza offers a fascinating adventure for everyone, regardless of age or experience. The conditions are perfect for beginners as the Mediterranean is really nothing more than an oversized pond, but the treasures that it holds include many challenging dives for advanced divers, some of which are breathtaking even to the most experienced veterans of the sport. Submerged wrecks of ships and buildings serve as perfect homes for a myriad of spectacular underwater life, unique underwater landscapes that include caves that are only accessible to divers. Luminescent fish at night and giant shoals of fish throughout the day serve as your companions in this magical world. Your holiday is the perfect opportunity to discover or indulge your passion in this elevating sport and there are numerous experts on the island to guide you safely to some of these secret and magical underwater venues.

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