Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun Temple

  • Ahmedabad
  • Gujarat
  • India
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  • Dedicated to Sun God, Surya
  • Established 1026 - 27 AD

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Modhera Sun Temple, Ahmedabad Overview

Modhera is famous for its Sun Temple.The Sun Temple is one of the finest examples of Indian temple architecture of its period. Built in 1026 A.D the temple is dedicated to the Sun God, Surya and stands high on a plinth overlooking a deep stone-steeped tank. Every inch of the edifice, both inside and outside is superbly carved with Gods and Goddesses, birds, beasts and flowers which depict the incidents from the Ramayan and the Mahabharat, and forms of gods and goddesses and the way of life of the people of that time. An interesting iconograph is one with three heads, three arms and three legs.


This temple, though not as famous as those of Konark and Khajuraho has resemblance with these temples in architectural style. Modhera's sun temple is positioned in such a manner that at the equinoxes the rising sun strikes the images in the sanctuary. It also incorporates an amusement park, a museum, a cafeteria, picture gallery and library. Adjoining the Sun Temple is the huge 'Sun Kund' (Rama Kund) surrounded by step-terraces with numerous smaller temples numbering about 108. Nearest airport is at Ahmedabad 102 kms. away. The nearest railway station is Mehsana. 2

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