Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej Roza

  • Ahmedabad
  • Gujarat
  • India
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  • Area 72 acres
  • Established 1451
  • Founded By Gujarat Sultanate rulers

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Sarkhej Roza, Ahmedabad Overview

The Sarkhej Roza is an elegant architectural creation remarkable for the use of pierced stone trellises and complete absence of arches. This monument houses the tombs of Saint Ahmed Khattu Baksh and also that of Emperor Mehmud Shah Beguda and his queen. The peaceful atmosphere makes it an ideal retreat.


The suburb of Sarkhej, about 8 Kms. southwest of Ahmedabad is noted for its elegant group of buildings, including the Mausoleum of Azam and Mu'assam, built in 1457 by the brothers who were responsible for Sarkhej's architecture. The architecture here is interesting because the style is almost purely Hindu, with little of the Saracenic influence so evident in Ahmedabad. As you enter Sarkhej, you pass the Mausoleum of Mahmud Begara and, beside the tank and connected to his tomb, that of his queen, Rajabai.


Also by the tank is the Tomb of Ahmad Khattu Ganj Buksh, a renowed Muslim saint and spiritual adviser to Ahmed Shah. He was the revered saint whose blessings were invoked while founding Ahmedabad. The palace, with pavilions and a harem, is also around the tank. The Dutch established a factory in Sarkhej in 1620 to process the indigo grown here.

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