• Ahmedabad
  • Gujarat
  • India
Amont Things to Do in Ahmedabad
  • Elevation 49 metre
  • Attractions Ranchhodrai Temple
  • Timings 6:45 AM - 12 PM in the Morning 4.15 PM - 7.30 PM in the Evening

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Dakor, Ahmedabad Overview

Dakor is a temple town dedicated to Lord Krishna, about 50 Kms. from Vadodara. The temple with a striking image of Lord Krishna is the temple of Ranchodare, belonging to the golden period of Dwarks.


The temple houses a tank containing several species of turtles regularly fed by the pilgrims. Originally known as DankaPur, it is here that the Lord Shri Dwarkadhishji migrated to get away from the increasingly decadent temple priests of Dwarka. It is said that a devotee brought the image from Dwarka and installed it in Dakor. On the silvery night of the full moon in October-November, a fair is held in the temple compound attracting thousands of pilgrims.

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