Brahmand Ghat

Brahmand Ghat

  • Mathura
  • Uttar Pradesh
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Brahmand Ghat, Mathura Overview

The people of Gokul are always immersed in the devotion of Shree Krishna, the almighty. There are hundreds of holy places that are solely dedicated to him and Brahmand Ghat, Gokul is one among the others. This place is located close to the Raman Reti and Nand Bhawan. These two are also popular places in Gokul that attract tourists from everywhere. All these places are linked with some episodes of incidences related to the life of Shree Krishna.


Still, people worship the soil which they believed have been consumed and touched by Shree Krishna. There are also packets available of the same soil and people keep it close always as it is believed that the soil brings success and luck to them. It is also believed that this particular soil can be used to cure diseases as well.

Near to the Brahmand Ghat, Gokul is the temple called Brahmand mandir from where you can see the river Yamuna. This mandir is dedicated to an incident in Krishna’s life. There is a peepal tree as well inside the boundaries of the mandir. The female devotees among the other ties ribbons on the branches of this peepal tree and ask for a blessing for a long life of their husband.


Things To Do


From Agra, Gokul is a pleasant and small getaway. This was the place where secretly Shree Krishna was raised. Gokul is near to Mathura and has several religious places for you to visit. Nana Maharaja's house, also known as the Chaurasi Khamba which means eighty-four pillars is the attractive and notable structure in Gokul. After you visit Brahmand Ghat, Gokul, you should visit and see this beautiful pillar which belongs to the town.

Along with Chaurasi Khamba, there are other places as well which you can go to and see if you visit Gokul. All these places are linked with some stories or legends that are related to Shree Krishna and the demons sent by Kansa. One such place is the Mud Temple. This place is located at the side of a hill and this place is where Shree Krishna killed demons.

Utkhal is the place where Shree Krishna's mother Yashoda tied him to the grinding mortar because he broke the pitcher to steal butter. She gave him punishment and tied him to this place called Utkhal. Brahmand Ghat is the place where he eats the mud and when his mother asked to open his mouth she could see the whole universe in it.




Brahmand Ghat, Gokulis the spot where Shree Krishna as an infant came to play with his friends. One day while playing he swallowed a lump of mud. When Yashoda, his foster mother got the news of Krishna eating mud, she came running to the spot and asked him to open his mouth wide so that she can remove the mud from his mouth. As Krishna opened his mouth, she could see the entire cosmos in his mouth, the sun, the planet, and the moon. Everything was there in his mouth which made her shocked and amazed. This was the moment that she was convinced that the child is not ordinary but divine.


Best Time to Visit


Like the other places in the north of India, Gokul also has an extreme temperature in the months of summer and also in winter. In the summer season, the temperature of the place is unbearable and it rises up to 48 degree Celsius. The humidity this time is intolerable. At night the temperature drops to somewhere between 25-30 degree Celsius. The place receives moderate rainfall. During winters the cold temperature is pleasant and good to go. The temperature is 7-8 degree celsius. Therefore, winters are good if you visit Gokul for some sightseeing and tourism.


How to Reach?


Kheria Airport in Agra is the nearest airport for Gokul. The airport is thirty-nine kilometres away from Gokul. You can get a taxi or can from the airport and reach the town of Gokul.

Mathura Junction is the nearest railway station to Gokul, the holy town of Uttar Pradesh. The station is 6.7 kilometres away from the place. Mathura is connected quite well with the other major cities including Mumbai and Delhi with regular trains. One can come and go to any place by reaching Mathura railway stations.

Brahmand Ghat, Gokul is well connected with other states and towns of India. Regular state buses are available from Allahabad, Agra, etc. One can also choose private cabs to reach the places they wish to.


Gokul is a great place to spend your holidays amidst the other pilgrimages. You will love the atmosphere and surroundings of the place and the experience that you will get here will be one of a kind. You can know about the legends about Shree Krishna and the demons and visit all the places where the incidents took place. 

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