Mansi Ganga Kund

Mansi Ganga Kund

  • Mathura
  • Uttar Pradesh
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Mansi Ganga Kund, Mathura Overview

Mansi Ganga Kund, Govardhan is a religious place and people come here every year. This place is as equal as the holy river Ganga for people and pilgrimages across the country. The Mansi Ganga Kund is also important because of the Govardhan Parikrama that starts and finishes in the famous site of pilgrimage, Govardhan. It is said that if you have a bath in the Kund you can get rid of all your sins.


The Kund is sacred for the people visiting there with belief. One of the popular rituals you can see here is during the time of Diwali when earthen Diya or lamps are seen floating on the water of the Kund. In recent time, you will get to see a beautiful temple of Mansi Ganga, situated near to the Brahma Kund. The temple is made for one of the four goddess of Braj, Mansi Devi. The three other goddesses are Yogmaya Devi, Vrinda Devi and Pataleshwari Devi.


Traveller Tips


If you are planning to do Parikrama then there are certain rules to follow. Here are certain points that you should keep in mind while doing Parikrama.

• You need to be barefooted while doing Parikrama. If you are a person who cannot walk or have any other issues can hire a rickshaw or an auto.

• The Parikrama starts after you Bow down and ends even after bowing down.

• You cannot climb up the Govardhan mountain. If you look at the scriptures, you will find that it is an important part of the Mythological stories of Shree Krishna.

• Keep the Govardhan Parvat on the right side during Parikrama and you are not allowed to spit or urinate on the route.

• After Parikrama, do not wash your feet in the Kund. There are wells and taps for this purpose near the Kund.

• You can take a holy bath in the Kund but you are not allowed to use soap or do your laundry in the Kund.

• Try to help the needy after you are done with Parikrama, keeping your God in your mind.

• If you are tired and want to sit for a while doing Parikrama, do not keep your feet on the direction of the Parvat.

• Do not make any creature suffer while you do your Parikrama in Mansi Ganga Kund, Govardhan.




There is a great Mythological story behind the origin of Mansi Ghat Kund, Govardhan. The legend is quite interesting for all of us to know. It is been said that once a demon was ordered by Kansa to Kill Shree Krishna. The demon takes a form of calf and hides amongst the other cattle that belonged to Shree Krishna. Soon after some time, Lord Krishna comes to know about the demon and kills him. While he kills the demon, he stills was in the form of a calf which is termed as sacred in Hindus. This is why Krishna's friends refuse to be friends with him anymore and ask him to take a bath in Ganga and remove all his sins.


Lord Krishna didn’t want to leave Braj and thus he meditates to call Ganga. Soon Ganga appears and takes the form of Mansi Ganga and forms a Kund near the Govardhan Parvat in which he takes bath. This satisfied his friends and since then the Mansi Ganga Kund, Govardhan became a sacred place for Hindus.

There is another story to this and the origin of the Kund near Govardhan Parvat. It is said that once Shree Krishna's foster parents wanted to have a bath in the river Ganga but they didn’t want to leave their house and Braj. This is the reason why Krishna asks Ganga to visit Braj and take the form of a Kund so that he can fulfill his parents' wish, which is why Mansi Ganga came into existence.


Best Time To Visit


Mansi Ganga Kund, Govardhan is open throughout the year and one can visit there any time of the year. But there are few occasions when it is crowded with most of the devotees such as on Purnima or full moon day, Holi, Guru Purnima, Chatur Mas days and on Krishna Janmasthami.

During summers it becomes very difficult to do Parikrama barefooted and that’s why people choose to do so during the night time. In winter, the conditions are vice-versa. During that time the nights are cold and uncomfortable while days are sunny.

People may have several questions regarding, Parikrama at night and whether it is safe or not? So answer to that will be, people here are helpful and are ready to provide you with all kinds of help. There are open services that are available throughout the night and both females and males can go for Parikrama without any kind of fear.


How to reach?


The nearest railway station is 20 kilometres away which is Mathura Railway Station. This station is in the North Central zone of the railway station and it is an important part of it. It is located on the Bhopal-Delhi route.


You will get trains for all major cities and tourist destinations from this railway station. Regular trains are available for the benefit of people. Outside of the station, one can hire a public vehicle as per their choice and visit Mansi Ganga Kund, Govardhan. At a distance of one kilometre is the Bus stand from where regular buses are available for Govardhan.

The fair of the vehicles depends on the season and can increase or decrease as well. But it is affordable for all of you visiting. You can also come here using national highways and state highways as these places are well-connected with roads. The nearest International airport is in Chandigarh but there are other three domestic airports as well. Choose the mode of transport as per your choice.


Visit Mansi Ganga Kund, Govardhan and experience holiness of the place. Take a bath in the holy Kund and do Parikrama so that God forgives all your sins. Take God's name and do so Bhajan-Kritan and spend your holidays differently.




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