Sailing in Barcelona

Sailing in Barcelona

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Sailing in Barcelona, Barcelona Overview

Catch a glimpse of Barcelona's admirable coastal setting, while you sail with the power of the wind and enjoy the inimitable feeling of moving on water. Barcelona faces the Mediterranean Sea, offering a captivating view of crystal clear sea water. Barcelona has evolved into one of Europe's foremost harbors for fun loving people, looking to lease yachts and discover the Mediterranean coastline. Lay back and unwind while you have a tan while tasting cava and lavishing popular Spanish Tapas on a magnificent cruiser. The boat is your home and the captain your private guide as you go on an adventure sail with the wind puffing on your back. Costa Brava is a stunning shoreline ideal for sailing. Charter sailboat providers are positioned in Barcelona and provide a thrilling voyage beside the absorbing coast.

What Is Sailing?

The skill of controlling a boat with large foils called sails, by altering the rudder, rigging, and occasionally the keel is called sailing. With experience comes the mastery of alternating between wind and sea conditions, together with familiarity relating to sailboats themselves. Sailing is done for recreational purposes like cruise or for getting the thrill of an adventure water sports.

Landmarks Of Barcelona Seen While Sailing -

  • The skyscrapers of the Olympic Marina
  • The Sagrada Familia
  • The Cathedral
  • Tibidabo hill
  • The Collserola communications tower
  • The Agbar tower

Ideal Time To Visit Barcelona - To visit Barcelona, spring is the perfect time with temperatures around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20�C). Huge numbers of tourists visit the city during the month of September as several cultural functions taking place during these times. Set afloat on a marine exploration across the glorious Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona for a life time of sailing experience, unbelievable panoramic view of Port Vell and a surge of exhilaration.

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