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Jain Pilgrimage

India is endowed with multifarious cultures, religions, thoughts and that is why enchants "unity in diversity". India has been the birthplace of many religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Like other religions, there are innumerable followers and believers of Jainism spread worldwide, hence Jainism is considered to be amongst prominent religions in the world.

Incepted by lord Mahavaeer, Jainism has been the paradigm of peace and Ahimsa (non-violence). In ancient times, Jain people laid their bases in all over India preaching their principles and ideologies. Still these monuments, worship hubs are preserved and widely touristed for knowing and understanding what Jainism and Jain pilgrimage is all about!

Places defining Jainism : In India, there are loads of places that are reckoned as Jain pilgrimages. Whether be north India or south, east or western parts of India, there are hardly any corner left that has not a Jain pilgrimage.

Beginning with north India, Bhavanganja located in Madhya Pradesh is broadly acclaimed. Around 72 ft of statute of lord Mahavira is simply an inexplicable artistry and is truly eternal. Similarly places like Muktagiri, Kampil and many others, temple, caves and lots other Jain pilgrimages are scattered all over northern states like Uttar Pardesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and many others.

Coming down to south, again there are loads of Jain religious hubs like Kolanupaka reputed for their auspicious values. Bihar the birth-state of lord Mahaveer, is besieged with places like Rajgeer. Also, beauteous Pawapuri, Vaishali and many others are famed for their esthetical values.

Jain Pilgrimage :

Call of Lord!!!! Jain pilgrimages and their bases are not only confined to their followers but have been the matter of interest for people all round the globe. Special rituals celebrated in unique and grand manner have made world patronize its followers and significances of Jain religion as well. The major points for their popularity have been the artistic architectures of Jain pilgrimages.

Tourists and people from all over the globe come at Jain pilgrimages. Witnessing the celebrations of Jain rituals is really amazing. Apart from visiting on special festive, Jain pilgrimages are places where one can relax, tranquil, enjoy and learn as well. At Jain pilgrimages, one listen some holy mantras that glorify the creator of God. Also, one gets the chance to eat special dishes and dainties.

Touring and spending holidays at Jain pilgrimages is really an amazing and memorable experience. That is why; people at large no. are opting tours at Jain pilgrimages as the entire spent at these places really refreshes and enlighten one bodily and spiritually.

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