Bara Pathar

Bara Pathar

  • Dalhousie
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • India

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Bara Pathar, Dalhousie Overview

Dalhousie, the beautiful land on Himachal attracts major tourist attractions in India, especially to the holiday-makers of North India. Dalhousie has a glorious past which also enhances its historic influence. In 1853, Lord James Ramsay had found this hill station as his favorite holiday spot. Later on, Lord Dalhousie, the government of British India, took control of this town and renamed the city with his name. After independence, slowly Dalhousie became the attractive tourist destination of today.
Dalhousie has major tourist attractions and one significant among them is the Bara Pathar temple.

It is a popular temple in the city which is known to attract a wide range of visitors every day. Being situated in the middle of Chamba Valley and its pristine surroundings, Bhulwani Mata is worshipped here. From here, tourists can enjoy marvelous views of snow-covered Himalayan peaks and the entire atmosphere is very pleasing and comfortable all through the year.
The temple remains at only a 4 km distance from Dalhousie. Most of the tourists going to visit Kalatop sanctuary often come to this place attracted by the environment as well as the ethereal beauty of this place which is inside mind-blowing locations of thick forests of Ahla village.

Traveler tips:
If you are on a vacation in Dalhousie and on your way to Kalatop Sanctuary, on your way, you can have a pleasant tea break amidst the stunning picturesque nature. Bestowing your head in the temple may earn you some blessings of Bhulwani Mata.

Things to do:
The Bara Pathar, Dalhousie is located inside a valley and thus a nice place to trek. The cool and fragranced breeze passes through this place during the summer, which is refreshing for the trekkers. You can also trek through the Dayan Kund peak as its foothills shelter the temple.
The exact location of Bara Pathar, Dalhousie is between the Dalhousie municipal limits and Kalatop Sanctuary. Here remains a potato firm. Besides hiking and trekking, the firm has lots of visitor attention every day. You can watch the process of cultivation and reaping of the potatoes.

An annual fair is organized here every year during the month of July to revere the Bhulwani Mata with festivities. Though the fair is organized by the local people here every tourist attends it with pleasure. In this annual event, the idol of Bhulwani Mata is carried to the Bara Pathar. And, the people of Ahla village welcome the goddess with celebrations.

Best time to visit:
Bara Pathar temple in Dalhousie is best known for offering good scenic beauty and a pleasant and cool atmosphere even during summer. Thus, it can be a cool break to escape the scorching heat on the plains.

How to reach?
Dalhousie is easy to reach by any ways of transportation from many parts of India.
By air – Traveling through air is definitely one of the most time-saving and comfortable media of transport to reach here. The nearest railway station is at the Gaggal area, Kangra which is 135 km away from Dalhousie. Hire a cab or ride on a local bus to reach Dalhousie from there.
By road – Dalhousie is well connected through roadways with many major cities of the country including Chamba, Katra, Jalandhar, Palampur, Delhi, Amritsar, etc.
By train – Dalhousie has no railway station in it, so you cannot reach this city directly by train route. You need to catch a train to Pathankot first which is located 80 km away from Dalhousie. Thereafter, hire a cab to reach your destination.

Interesting facts & trivia about –
It is believed that the temple is almost 150 years old.

Nearby attractions:
• Dainkund peak
• Chamera lake
• Panchpula
• Kalatop
• Satdhara falls, etc.

So, if you are planning a trip to Dalhousie of Himachal Pradesh, you must visit the Bara Pathar temple here. Whether you are a nature freak or an adventure mind, you will surely enjoy your visit here. Happy journey!

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