Sachiya Mata Temple

Sachiya Mata Temple

  • Jodhpur
  • Rajasthan
  • India

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Sachiya Mata Temple, Jodhpur Overview

Sachiya Mata Temple is a sacred Hindu shrine located in the district of Ossian in Jodhpur. This temple holds a great religious importance among the Hindus and Jains alike. It was built between 9th-10th centuries under the reign of a Parmara ruler, King Upendra. This temple has various legends associated with it and a famous legend goes like this- On the occasion of Navaratri, several buffaloes were butchered and their meat was offered to the Goddess. A Jain Acharya, Swami Ratna Prabh Suri requested to stop this act forever and in return, he faced the wrath of Sachiya Mata. It was his test and Goddess blessed him that no more meat offerings will be made in this temple. Till date, this tradition is continuing.


It Is Known For:-


1) This temple is an ancient temple and holds an equal religious importance among Hindus & Jains.


2) It is one among those temples in Rajasthan where the animal sacrifice custom isn’t carried due to the above-listed legend.


3) Interestingly, the devotees do not offer the red color flowers in this holy shrine as per the order of Sachiya Mata.


4) Mother Goddess is worshiped using the incense sticks, lassi, saffron, and sandalwood.


5) This temple is the place where the archaeological team found the ancient statues of Harihara, Hanuman, and some paintings including the one in which Lord Krishna has lifted Govardhan Hill.


Best Time To Visit:-


Sachiya Mata Temple is an ancient temple and draws millions of devotees across the calendar year. Both Hindus & Jains visit here to seek the blessings of the Mother Goddess. Excluding the scorching summers, people can visit this temple during any season.


Reaching There:-


The service of the local transit like the bus, auto, and taxi is available on a regular basis. They are the apt mode for commuting to and from Sachiya Mata Temple.


Nearest Railway Station:- Jodhpur Junction


Nearest Airport:- Jodhpur Airport

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