Shahji Temple

Shahji Temple

  • Mathura
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • India
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  • Dedicated To Radha-Krishna
  • Known As Tede Khambe Wala Mandir
  • Established 1876
  • Built By Shah Kundan Lal
  • Special Attraction Durbar Hall of Radha-Raman
  • Nearest Railway Station Vrindavan
  • Nearest Airport Kheria Airport Agra

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Shahji Temple, Mathura Overview

Shahji temple is one of the most prominent temples of Vrindaban. It is popularly known as Tede Khambe wala Mandir, which means temple with spiral columns.


The architecture of the temple is entirely different from the usual style of a Hindu temple. It is a blend of Greek, Mughal and Hindu architectures. The entire temple is built of Italian marble. As you enters through the main gate it will reminded of the Imam Bara of Lucknow. You can mark a great resemblance between them. The spacious verandas of the temple are supported by spiral columns (Tede Khambe) chiseled from one single piece of Italian marble. Each column is 13 feet in height and 35 inch in diameter. As the columns are spiral the genius of their craftsmanship consists in carving them to maintain the gravitational center supporting the huge super structure. The spectacular pillars are the centers of attraction. Such pillars are hardly seen elsewhere in the world. The famous temple as above is a rare attraction which has been inviting the pilgrims and devotees for about 135 years now. The temple is a huge and magnificent architectural beauty. It is a poem in stones reflecting a song and music through its white Italian marble. It radiates the vibrations of Braj Rasa or the quintessence of Braj . One whoever once beholds the temple with spiral pillars also dances for joy and cherishes the sweet memory forever.


Ultimately the Deity presiding over Vrindaban and sanctifying the sanctum sanctorum of the temple has its eternal massage of spiritual sojourn marking the noblest end of human life. The modern man thirsty for inner peace and bliss could miss a pilgrimage to Vrindaban and a vision of Lord Sriji Maharaj in the Shahji Temple.

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