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Chowpatty Beach - Mumbai India

The renowned Chowpatty Beach is the only beach that ornaments the central part of Mumbai. The beach is located towards the end of Marine drive and at the foot of Malabar. This vast expanse of soft sand and blue sea constitutes the most frequented place of the young and the old alike. The beach during the daytime has a deserted look with few indolent individuals found snoozing under its stunted trees. But as the day wears on and the evening sets in, the place bustles with life and soon turns into a hub of human activity. Beach Life In The Evenings The electrifying atmosphere in the evenings transforms the tranquil beach into a buzzing fair ground. Excited shrieks of children on Ferris wheels or enjoying pony rides can be seen and also the pavement astrologers making a quick buck. There are various interesting monkey shows and the odd self -styled gymnast demonstrating amazing yogic postures for a small fee that fills the Chowpatty Beach with life and action. All kinds of rides like the famous merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel are immensely enjoyed by the kids who don�t seem to have enough of these thrilling rides. The place is overtaken with kiosks selling ice-cream and Bhelpuri shops selling Mumbai's most popular snack. Catching a glimpse of film shoot or a street play is not an unusual site on the beach. Moreover, the evocative scene of hawking meals on wheels and the unceasing dean and bustle makes one recollect scenes from some of the most popular Bollywood movies. Added Attractions The Ganesh Chaturthi Festival offers the beach an all together different aura. It appears as if the entire city of Mumbai has descended on the beach. Thousands of devotees gather on the beach to bid farewell to Lord Ganesha as the idol is immersed in the water. Vibrant energy at the rhythmic beats of dhols and music rents the air with the immersion of the idols of the Lord in the waters. The festivities attract the locals as well as many tourists.

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