Sanjay Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

Sanjay Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Mumbai
  • Maharashtra
  • India
Amont Things to Do in Mumbai
  • Timings National Park - 7 00 AM - 6 30 PM
  • Time Required 3-4 hours
  • Entry Fee Entry INR 48 per adult. INR 25 for children above five
  • Established 1942

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Sanjay Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Mumbai Overview

Sanjay Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary- Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located near Borivali in Mumbai and thus is also known as Borivali National Park. The place was declared as a sanctuary in the year 1974 so as to protect the wildlife of the place. It is an ideal place for people to pass their time far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The sanctuary comprises of various hills, lakes, valleys etc. that lends a picturesque look to the ambience. The period between Septembers to March is the best time for visiting the place.

Flora-The sanctuary is very rich in vegetation cover and mostly comprises of semi evergreen forests and south Indian moist deciduous forests. They can be further divided into four chief parts i.e. mangrove scrub, moist teak bearing forest, western subtropical hill forest and moist mixed deciduous forests. Some of the chief trees and plants of the sanctuary are teak, kadamba, acacia, shisam, karanj, euphorbia, etc.

Fauna-The sanctuary provides shelter to various species of animals like spotted deer, porcupine, mouse deer, black naped hare, rhesus macaque, Indian fling fox, Hanuman langur, barking deer, sambar and many more. One can also see around a large number of reptiles like pythons, crocodiles, monitor lizards, bamboo pit viper, cobras etc.

Avifauna-The sanctuary is a dwelling place for more than 250 species of birds that includes both land birds as well as the water birds. Some of the common birds seen here are jungle owlets, robins, golden orioles, mynas, egrets, kingfishers, peacock, bulbuls, magpies, herons, paradise flycatcher etc. 

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