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Kasauli Hills - Shimla India

KASAULI (Introduction) Kasauli situated at a height of 1927mt., from sea level, is a small town with a strong Colonial influence. Kasauli provide a charming view of Chandigarh, Shimla and the himalayas covered with snow. This place is not so popular with the tourists, It's main attraction lies in it's overall cleanliness, and it's accessibility. Only 15 km from Dharampur, 37 km from Kalka and 65 km from Chandigarh. The narrow winding roads meander their way up and down the hill side and offer some magnificent sights. KASAULI (History) During the 17th century, driven by unsettled political conditions, some Rajput families from Rewari (in present day Haryana) fled their homes. They took refuge in the lower Himalayas, finally settling down at a village called Kasul where there was a perennial spring of fresh water. Today, some three centuries later, the spring is the site of a water reservoir and Kasul has grown into the delightful little hill station of Kasauli. But some locals would believe that Kasauli comes from Kausalya, a mountain stream that flows between Kasauli and Jabli. The name might even have been derived from Kusmawali or Kusmali, meaning flower maiden. Given the abundance with which the hills of Kasauli bloom from spring to autumn, this could well be the truth KASAULI (Places to Visit) Monkey Point: The highest point in Kasauli called Monkey point is just 4-km from the Kasauli bus stand. The Monkey Point commands an excellent view of the distant plains of Chandigarh region and the river Satluj, tracing a silvery trail through the scene. A small temple is also situated on the top of the hill, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. According to a legend, at the end of Ramayana when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after obtaining Sanjivany Booty or the Magical Herb, his foot touched the hill and thus the top of hill is in a foot shape. On a clear and starry night the gorgeous view of Chandigarh can be seen from the Monkey Point. Sanawar: Just 6-km from Kasauli, Sanawar houses one of the best schools in the country. The Lawrence school is almost one hundred-years-old and a major attraction of the town. Dharampur: Just 15-km from Kasauli on the National Highway No.22, Dharampur is situated. Amidst the healthy air of the fragrant pines, Dharampur has one of the best hospitals in India for the cure of tuberculosis. It is also connected by Kalka-Shimla railway line. Sabathu: A little cantonment town has a Gurkha fort built in the early years of the 19th century, situated at an altitude of 1,437m. This cantonment town quartered the British soldiers at the time of British Empire. A diversion road from Dharampur 15-km away leads to the Sabathu town. Dagshai: Another little cantonment at an altitude of 1,925m just 19-km from Kasauli, it is accessible by a link road, which diverts from Dhrampur. Dagshai is perched on a small hill and comprises of a military public school and numerous military barracks. KASAULI(Flora & Fauna) Some of the private gardens in Kasauli are ablaze with color and the very air is redolent of pine. Indeed most of the hillsides are covered with pine and the ground underfoot is thickly carpeted with resin rich needles. There are oaks too, and rhododendron, firs, horse chest hut, wild cherry and several varieties of deciduous trees. Which is why spring is so beautiful at Kasauli, with the trees and bushes turning the most delicate shades of pink and green and silver as they unfurl new leaves to the sky Zinnias, dahlias and morning glory must have been scattered so much seed long ago and now they have the run of the hillsides along with wild flowers. Where the habitat is largely undisturbed, Kasauli is rich in birds. But leopards, once fairly common in this area are rarely to be seen. The handsome Shimla Fox is also rare, but not so the ghooral, jungle cat and jackal. KASAULI (Recreation) The two main walks around Kasauli, the Upper and Lower Mall are beautiful. The residents of Kasauli walk a lot, for Kasauli was always short on city attractions and meant for getting about on your own two feet, in communion with nature or if you are lucky, a walking partner. The somewhat steep Upper Mall takes you past an important landmark, the Kasauli Club. Founded in 1880 as the Kasauli Reading and Assembly Rooms, it was later converted into Kasauli Club. Initially the club provided accommodation to men only, women not being permitted unless it was very cold or if accommodation was going a-begging. Famous for its six tennis courts, its lavish tennis teas and gala Saturday Nights, the club suddenly found itself posed for dissolution in 1947. But saved by the breadth of a hair, it survived to celebrate its centenary in 1980. KASAULI (How to get There) By Air : The airport Shimla is at Jubbarhati. Taxis / buses are available from here. Direct flghts from Delhi are available on alternate days.From Shimla it is 77km By Rail : The nearest rail head is at Kalka. From here local buses and taxies are available By Road : From Chandigarh or Delhi follow the Shimla highway upto Dharampur 23 km from Kalka. From Dharmpur link road goes to Kasauli leaving the Shimla highyway.

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