Durban Botanical Gardens

Durban Botanical Gardens

  • Durban
  • South Africa
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  • Established 1851
  • Area 15 Hectares
  • Built by Mark McKen

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Durban Botanical Gardens, Durban Overview

The Durban Botanical Gardens of Durban, South Africa, started as a place for growing tropical cops on an experimental basis. Today, it has developed into a full-fledged Botanical Garden which makes it an interesting place of visit. Today, the Durban Botanical Gardens has an Orchid House, a Cycad Collection, a Herbarium, a Charity Tea Garden, and a Garden for the Blind. The Botanical Gardens is very popular among the flower lovers all around the world. Its special attraction is the Encephalartos Woodii, which is a specimen of a Cycad, and is widely regarded as the rarest plant in the world. The Herbarium holds a huge collection of dried, preserved, and catalogued plants. A visit to the Orchid House, in the spring season, has a magical ambience produced by the colors and fragrance of thousands of blooming orchids.

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