Umgeni River Bird Park

Umgeni River Bird Park

  • Durban
  • South Africa
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Umgeni River Bird Park, Durban Overview

The Umgeni River Bird Park of Durban, South Africa is situated on the banks of the river Umgeni. The site of the park was a quarry at one point of time. The awesome walk-through with the birds on perches and birds flying above and the amazing waterfalls and greenery of the area is an experience of a lifetime. The Umgeni River Bird Park is one of the most popular destinations in the itinerary of a tourist visiting tourist.

A free-flight show, where various species of birds fly past the visitors, is the main attraction of the Umgeni River Bird Park. This show includes flights of some of the endangered species too and is a must-watch for all avid birdwatchers and bird-lovers. The Umgeni River Bird Park also breeds most of the endangered species of birds that are kept in the park. The young ones are raised and are released at the appropriate time.

The Caribbean Flamingo, the palm Cockatoo, and the Plalawan Peacock Pheasant are some of the birds which you can easily view in the Umgeni River Bird Park. The unrestricted movement of the birds is a unique method to ensure that the birds are as close to their real habitat as possible.

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