Kadri Temple

Kadri Temple

  • Mangalore
  • Karnataka
  • India
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  • Dedicated To Manjunatha (Lord Shiva)
  • Built in 10th or 11th century
  • Annual Festival Annual Jathra Mahothsava is held during the month of January
  • Architectural Style Hindu Agama Shastra
  • Nearest Railway Station Mangalore Railway station
  • Nearest Airport Mangalore Airport

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Kadri Temple, Mangalore Overview

Buddhist monks who came from northern India made Kadri as their place of Vihara and settled here. In those days it was called as Kadarika Vihara. Subsequently, followers of Natha pantha were also came and settled here. The epigraph of 968 A.D. mentions Mangalore as "Mangalapura" and Kadri as "Kadarika Vihara This temple is the abode of Lord Manjunatha. It is about 5 Kms from the city centre. Installed by a Siddha (Sage) by name Machendranatha, this temple is believed to be of the - 10th Century.


The main feature of this temple is the ever flowing water from the "Gomukha" meaning "from the mouth of cow's idol". It is believed to have curing properties for some skin diseases. These days the water is utilised for farming nearby. This temple also has a cave called "Pandava Guhe" it is believed that the Pandavas came to this cave & stayed there. Another unique feature of this temple is that the temple tank or the "Kalyani" is at a higher level than the temple itself which is not the case in any of the other temples where the tank is situated much below the temple height.

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