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  • Durga Parameshwari Temple in Mangalore#6
    Durga Parameshwari Temple

    Address: Katil City: Mangalore State: Karnataka Location: South India Type of Building: Temple Religion: Hinduism Accomodation: Accomodations ar...

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  • Venkataramana Temple in Mangalore#7
    Venkataramana Temple

    It is one of the very mature temples of Mangalore situated on the Carstreet where Lord Srinivasa is the presiding deity popularly known as Venkatarama...

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  • Kadri Temple in Mangalore#8
    Kadri Temple

    Buddhist monks who came from northern India made Kadri as their place of Vihara and settled here. In those days it was called as Kadarika Vihara. Subs...

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  • Sultan Battery in Mangalore#9
    Sultan Battery

    Boloor is known for the watch tower constructed in the era of the emperor Tipu Sultan such that now the area surrounding the squalid structure is its ...


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  • Gokarnatheshwara Temple in Mangalore#10
    Gokarnatheshwara Temple

    About 2 Kms from the city centre, this temple is the house of Lord Gokarnatha. This temple has a very short past, founded by the Billawa Community of ...


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  • Suratkal Beach in Mangalore#11
    Suratkal Beach

    Karnataka has a long coastline around 320 kms ranged with well-known beaches. Tourists travel to these exotic beaches to enjoy the cool waters, relish...


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