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Mahatma Gandhi Setu - Patna India

Mahatma Gandhi Setu is a renowned bridge in Patna. This bridge stands over the River Ganga and bears the name of Mahatma Gandhi. It is a 5.7 km long bridge and connects Patna and Hajipur. It has four lanes of the roadways and pedestrian paths. Many vehicles travel through this bridge on a daily basis.

It Is Known For:-

1) It took a span of 10 years for the construction of this bridge. It happened due to the natural calamities and workers’ strikes

2) The huge amount of 88 crores INR was spent for the construction of the bridge. Gammon India Limited undertook the project

3) The toll gates existed but were removed officially on the orders of the government

4) The pillars supporting Mahatma Gandhi Setu are high enough to accommodate a ship under them

5) Slabs with hinges were used in the then times making it an engineering marvel of bygone times

Best Time To Visit:-

Mahatma Gandhi Bridge is a famous site and is visited on a huge scale. Many vehicles pass through this bridge on a daily basis.

Watch Out!

Presently, a major restoration work is going on at Mahatma Gandhi Setu. Thus, only the pedestrians can access the bridge.

Reaching There:-

Patna is well-connected to roadways, railways, and airways. Such connectivity makes it convenient to the reach the city. Many roadways buses, express trains, and flights are available from other cities of Bihar. You can travel within Bihar by the local transit.

Nearest Railway Station - Patna Junction

Nearest Airport - Patna Airport

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