Chain Tree

Chain Tree

  • Wayanad
  • Kerala
  • India
  • Time Required Around 3 hours

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Chain Tree, Wayanad Overview

Have you ever seen a tree that is chained as if it is a criminal? No? Alright. There's a tree located in Lakkidi (Kerala) that is chained similar to the criminals during the British rule. It is a major attraction and people from distant places throng to see this. It is an ordinary tree that stands tall at a height of 25 feet and has its trunk and branches chained. This tree is known as the prison of a disturbed spirit of a tribal chieftain that was shot dead by a British official after discovering a shorter route to pass the nearby ghats.


After the death of the chieftain, his restless spirit began harming the passersby. To cease his notorious acts, a local priest was contacted and he chained the spirit in the tree. Since then, the tree has been chained.


It Is Known For:-
1.  The exquisite hilly region nearby that is a trekker's haven
2.  Deciduous forests that are claimed to stay cool throughout the year


Best Time To Visit:-
You'll adore visiting Lakkidi at any time in a year. Since it is hemmed in the lower Western Ghats, the weather remains pleasant throughout the year as median temperatures scale between 20°C-28°C. Do not forget to carry your camcorders to capture photographs.


Nearest Railway Station- Kozhikode Railway Station
Nearest Airport- Karipur International Airport

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