Pazhassi Raja Tomb

Pazhassi Raja Tomb

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Pazhassi Raja Tomb, Wayanad Overview

Paying tribute to Veera Pazhassi Raja- a great king of Kerala, Pazhassi Raja Tomb is one of the must-visit places in Wayanad. Known as the ‘Lion of Kerala’, Pazhassi Raja is remembered for his bravery. He was a freedom fighter who revolted against the British for the Independence of India. Pazhassi Raja Tomb is constructed over the land where he was cremated after the British shot him. One of the major attractions of this place is the museum and the sword of Pazhassi Raja, which is kept here.


This tomb is maintained by the Kerala State Archaeology Department and contains many antique coins, mural paintings, and other historical artifacts. The memorial details the whole life of the Pazhassi Raja and is important to get to know. In 1996 the tomb was converted into a museum and is one of the centers in the State, which attracts historians, students, and researchers from far and wide. This place is well maintained with a lot of flowers around the walking paths, making it very appealing to the visitors. This place is also a great destination to appreciate the picturesque landscape of Wayanad with an interesting trip.


Things To Do In Pazhassi Raja Tomb:


• Visitors will walk around the tomb which has been built beautifully as a sign of respect for the king’s bravery.

• Travelers can visit nearby Pulpally Caves, which is the spot where the raja is said to have hidden while revolting against the British Army with his aggressive technique.

• Visitors can see some of the weapons that the king used at that time.

• One can enjoy the elegant murals which have been carved on the walls of the memorial.

• The museum has got a good collection of antique bronzes, umbrella stones, ancient coins, models of temples, Dolmenoid cists and similar megalith monuments in its complex.

• Inside this memorial, there is an art gallery where the work of the popular artist Raja Ravi Varma is one display.

• Visitors can click photographs of pleasant locations surrounding the tomb, serving the perfect background.

• One can even try authentic dishes of the regions and go for shopping of some souvenirs from the local bazaars.


Interesting Facts About Pazhassi Raja Tomb:


• The Pazhassi Raja was also called the Cotiote Raja at that time.

• Belonged to the royalty of Kottayam, Pazhassi Raja was one of the first to rebel against the expanding power of the East India Company.

• The museum which has detailed the king’s life is located underground the tomb.

• This tomb was planned by the famous architect, Eugene Pandala and the architect who designed this museum also designed the Banasura Sagar Dam.


Traveler Tips In Pazhassi Raja Tomb:


• Travelers should wear comfortable shoes to walk around the Pazhassi Raja Tomb and also in the museum.

• Visitors should carry water bottles, sunshades and hats during their visit to this tomb.

• Guides are available on this site to explain the history of the king as well as the region. Visitors can hire them by giving a certain fee to show around the museum.


Best Time To Visit Pazhassi Raja Tomb:


Pazhassi Raja Tomb can be visited throughout the year. The weekends are often crowded as the place is visited by a number of history buffs and local people around the region. The pleasant setting of this place has got a lot of people just walking and talking within the spot which makes the weekdays a better time to visit.


Visiting Time Of Pazhassi Raja Tomb:


The tomb is opened every day except Monday. Visitors can visit this spot between 7 am to 7 pm.


Entrance Fee For Pazhassi Raja Tomb:


• For Adult- Rs. 20/-

• For Children (5-12 years)- Rs. 10/-

• For Still Camera- Rs 25/-

• For Video Camera-Rs. 150/-


How To Reach Pazhassi Raja Tomb:


At a distance of about 20 kilometers from Wayanad, this spot can be reached conveniently and is widely visited by many tourists.


By Train- Wayanad has not got its own railway station. For railway passengers, the nearest railway station is Vadakara, which is about 51 km away from the place. Kozhikode and Thalasseri are other railway stations, which are about 66 km and 80 km away from this place respectively.

By Air- The nearest airport is present at Kozhikode which is about 140 kilometers away from this spot.

By Road- The nearest bus stop is located nearly 1 km away from the tomb and is easily reachable by taxis and auto-rickshaws which are available in plenty around the region.

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