Museum Semarajaya

Museum Semarajaya

  • Bali
  • Indonesia
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Museum Semarajaya, Bali Overview

Originally built by the Dutch in 1910 to be used as a high school, Museum Semarajaya, is now a popular tourist spot in Semarapura, Bali. It was transformed into a museum to commemorate the Dewa Agung Jambe king and his successors for the 1908 war of Puputan Klungkung. The place got destroyed by eruption of a volcano, named Gunung Batur. It was rebuilt in 1925 but got fully established in its present state in 1932.



The complex houses collections of weapons, traditional costumes, ceramics and paintings of historical significance etc. Most of these relics belonged to the Klungkung Kingdom. The most significant contribution to the museum was made by artist Walter Spies. He assisted in bringing together the archaeological artefacts and traditional items.



Located in the west of Gili Kertagosa Park, Semarajaya Museum has beautiful and serene premises, perfect for tourists wanting to relax.


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