Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach

  • Bali
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Lovina Beach, Bali Overview

Lovina Beach is located on the coastal strip of the northwest side of Bali. The Lovina area comprises of many small villages of Anturan, Banyualit, Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus. These villages sprawl all over from east to west and anyone visiting the beach must not miss visiting them too. The Lovina area is frequented by visitors looking to spend quality hours amidst the serenity.




Activities That Can Be Enjoyed

One can enjoy early-morning boating in the beach.

There are many trip organizers that organize trips to the coast. The tourists can spend hours watching the beautiful dolphins and capture them digitally.




In 1950s, Anak Agung Pandji Tisna visited Europe and Asia. During his stay in India, he was very much impressed by the outlook of the people and the area. In Bombay, he got the chance to see a nicely laid area and resort on the beach. He observed that area was very much like the land he had on Kampung Baru Beach – Buleleng – North Bali. When he returned back, he started with the work of constructing his own cottage named, Guesthouse "LOVINA" in the land he owned. Many thought that his resort business at the isolated beach, Tukad Cebol would not do well. But nobody then knew that in future the beach and the nearby area would take its name from the resort.






Why Was Name, Lovina Officially Banned?

As tourism in Bali started to grow in 1980s, the government decided to make regions like Kuta, Sanur, Kalibukbuk, Air Sanih etc. prime tourist areas. In order to promote the culture of Bali, the government wanted that the original names of the villages should be used for various tourist facilities. Soon, Lovina was given the name "Permata Cottage".



It was the popularity of Lovina that was not dwindling and many still referred to the resort, and region nearby as Lovina. Lovina had emerged as a name linked to the most sought-after tourist destinations in North Bali. So soon, the hotel again came to be referred as Lovina Beach Hotel.


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