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Buddhist Pilgrimage

There is a wide array of religions followed around the globe. With the growing population, the number of religions or classes is also increasing. Among the chief religions, Buddhism is one of them. Buddhism also known as the Buddhadharma in the East is a religion that follows the teachings as well as the practices of the sage Gautama Buddha or Buddha. The chief aim of the Buddhism is the dissolution of all the causes of the human suffering. All the teachings of the Buddha are summed up in the eightfold path. There is a large number of Buddhist spread all over the world. Buddhism is ranked as the 4th largest religion in the world, after Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

Like all other religions, Buddhist people also go on pilgrimages in order to visit their holy places. There are various Buddhist pilgrimage sites but the most important are the ones, which are attached to Buddha in some way or the other. According to Buddha, an individual can experience the religious feelings & repentance in the 4 places, which are listed below.

Lumbini : It is one of the chief Buddhist pilgrimage site located in Nepal, i.e. around 122kms from the city of Gorakhpur in India. It is the birth place of the Lord Buddha and thus is of vast importance to the Buddhist people. The site is a blessed one for its tranquility and the profound natural beauty, which fully coincides to the place where Buddha was born. The place has various attractions like the famous Maya Devi Temple, The Ashokan pillar, the Buddhist monastery etc. People travel to this place each and every year in large numbers so as get the peace of mind and soul.

Bodhgaya : It is another site of vast importance to the religion of Buddhism. Lord Buddha travelled from place to place in search of enlightenment but it was only here in Bodh Gaya where his search ended. Lord Buddha got the enlightenment here in Bodh Gaya. The place is situated near the river Phalgu and is at a distance of 7 miles from Gaya. The place is cut off from rest of the world and is fully covered by forests and agricultural lands. The Mahabodhi temple and the Mahabodhi tree are the chief attractions of the place.

Sarnath : It is one of the most peaceful Buddhist pilgrimage place located around 10kms from Varanasi. It was here that Buddha delivered his first sermon and thus is largely visited by Buddhist people. Some of the chief attractions of the place are the Dhameka stupa, Asokan pillar etc.

Kushinagar : It is one of the important Buddhist pilgrimage place located around 53kms west of Gorakhpur. It is the holy place of Maha-Parinirvana.

In addition, there are various other important Buddhist pilgrimage sites located all over the globe.

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