Jagatsukh Temple

Jagatsukh Temple

  • Manali
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • India
  • Time Required Around 1 hrs
  • Entry Fee No entry fee

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Jagatsukh Temple, Manali Overview

Manali is a beautiful resit town, which is nested in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh in India. The town is located in Kullu district, in the Beas River Valley near the Kullu Valley's northern end. The small town is the beginning of a really ancient trade route. The route goes to Ladakh extending many more places. It is a very popular place for tourism. Also, Manali serves as the official gateway to the Spiti district and Lahaul.


The town Manali was named after Sanatan Hindu lawgiver Manu. Manali is located in the North of the Kullu Valley. When the British came, they set up apple trees all around the area before that no apple trees grew in the area. But today, it’s the apples, pear and also plum which remain almost the best income source for the majority of people in Manali. The British had set up their first apple orchard in Patlikuhal. The colonizers came into town and introduced both the rainbow and brown trout in streams and rivers.


Later, Manali started experiencing a surge in the tourist traffic. This once a very quiet and calm village got transformed into a busy and bustling town with occasional boutique hotels and numerous homestays. Also, during summer months, you can witness the restaurants and cafes do some really brisk business.


Jagatsukh Temple, Manali-


• The Beautiful Jagatsukh Temple, Manali is located in a village that is located almost 6km south of Manali in the northern end of Kullu Valley. Jagatsukh is pretty well known for the ancient temples, Shikhara style made Shiva Temple, which is also commonly known as the Jagatsukh Shiva Temple.

• The temple is beautifully surrounded by lofty snow-clad mountains and wonderful picturesque valleys which look even more striking during winters. Apart from being a pilgrimage site for the Hindus, this place also is perfect for couples who come for honeymoons. There are many visitors who come to visit the spot so that they can enjoy the soothing and perfect beauty of the place.

• In Manali, Jagatsukh was the former capital of the place but presently it is the largest village of the entire Kullu district. It's the main reason for being popular and well known among people is because of the Gaurishankar Temple. The temple is for the Hindu God, Lord Shiva. From Manali, one can take a taxi to reach Jagatsukh.

• A small shrine of Gauri Shankar is also present which is dedicated to the Goddess Sandhya Devi built in a Chalet roofed temple, these are some temples which dot the village. In the early 8th century there used to be a Shikhara style shrine, the Jagatsukh Shiva temple also, has the same effect.

• It even has a similar architecture like the Naresar Temple groups, they have a tri-Ratha sanctum which is roofed by a Shikhara. Also, in the absolute nearby village of Shooru, is situated the famous Sharvali Devi temple.


What is the Jagatsukh area famous for?


• The Jagatsukh temple, Manali is located in the Jagatsukh area which is also, pretty famous for being the trekking base for visitors. Jagatsukh is a place which doesn’t require much time to be explored, one can finish going around the place in a day. But if anyone wishes to stay there, then many hotels and resorts are available from where one can choose.

• Jagatsukh is not only famous for the Jagatsukh temple, Manali, but it is also really famous among people for the very popular annual Chacholi Jatra Festival. The area is beautifully nestled amidst dense natural vegetation and snow-filled mountains. There are many trekking expeditions that begin from here.

• The Beautiful serenity of the place is a paradise for anyone. But for photographers this place is heaven. Clean and fresh air can make any person feel refreshed. Every nature lover should at least once visit this village.

• The serene atmosphere in the Jagatsukh village is fully know covered and completely carpeted with lush greenery during the summer season. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you go for a trek or a picnic, one must take a visit to the Jagatsukh temple, Manali to experience the freshness of the place.


Other places to visit in Manali-


There are many other places to visit other than the Jagatsukh temple, Manali some of the places are-

• Solang Valley- Solang Valley is situated between the Solang Village and Beas Kund. It tends to be the favorite place for all the visitors and even the locals. The Solang Valley so also called the Snow point, the valley is not just famous for its beautiful views but also for the numerous amount of activities which one can do here. From the main city of Manali, it takes around 8kms to reach the Solang Valley.

• Beas Kund trekking- Along with the most amazing views of the Pir Pinjal maintain ranges over the river Beas, the Beas Kund Trek is a wonderful weekend getaway trek. The spectacular meadows of the Bajarthach and Dhundi can sweep anyone off their feet. And lastly, all the tiredness which one feels from the hiking will definitely go away after watching the glacial lake at the Beas Kund.

• Rohtang Pass- It’s the Rohtang Pass which connects Himachal's breathtakingly dessert-like and dreamy landscapes to Manali, Spiti, Lahaul. Once you reach Manali, then you must take a visit to the Rohtang Pass, its views are too fantastic to miss.

• Old Manali- There is another part of Manali which lies on the other of Manalsu River which time left behind. With the very sweet smell of the charm of old-world, increasing presence of tourists and tourism and filled with guesthouses all around. It is the old Manali which is a bit away from the world’s speed and rush and one must experience that, once they are in Manali.

• Bhunter town- This town is situated 40kms away from the city center. The town has an airport and also, the very last ATM before you can travel to any higher altitudes. Visit the Bhunter Town to move away from the hustle-bustle and the tourist rush of the hill station and enjoy the calm atmosphere.


These were some of the places one can visit when they are in Manali apart from just taking a visit to the Jagatsukh temple, Manali. The temple is definitely very beautiful and a must-visit place but these were some of the other places which you can visit too and completely enjoy the trip to Manali.

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