Flora Fountain

Flora Fountain

  • Mumbai
  • Maharashtra
  • India
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  • Timings Open 24 hours
  • Architect Richard Norman Shaw
  • Established 1864

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Flora Fountain, Mumbai Overview

Cursetjee Fardoonjee Parekh donated this landmark structure Flora Fountain. Built in 1864, it was made of imported Poland stone and is located close to the church gate of the old (now vanished) British fort. Flora is the Roman Goddess of Flowers, her pretty alabaster face continually assaulted by grime and pollution. It stands at a busy five-point intersection in the heart of the commercial Fort area. The Flora Fountain was erected by the Agri-Horticultural society of Western India. It was originally meant to be named after Sir Bartle Frere, then governor of Bombay.


However, the name was changed before the fountain was unveiled. It stood in the center of the town as it then was, but now this area is the heart of the business district of the town. This is the very heart of Mumbai, circumscribed by stately colonial buildings standing like proud old sentinels of a bygone era. Next to her are a pair of torch bearing stone patriots that rise from the Martyrs Memorial nearby. Flora Fountain is now called Hutatma Chowk or Martyr's Square to honour those who died in the tumultuous birth of Maharashtra State.


All around the square sit Mumbai's infamous vendors selling just about everything under the blazing tropical sun - from cheap nylon saris to herbal remedies. Tooting horns and traffic complete the chaotic picture, but through it all Flora manages to retain her serene composure.

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