Rajabai Clock Tower

Rajabai Clock Tower

  • Mumbai
  • Maharashtra
  • India
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  • Established 1878
  • Timings 9AM–10:45PM
  • Designed By Sir George Gilbert Scott

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Rajabai Clock Tower, Mumbai Overview

Located in the gardens of Mumbai University, Rajabai Clock Tower consists of 5 elaborately decorated storeys. The tower is 280 ft. in height commanding a fine view of the city. Next to the High Court, the Venetian -Gothic University has a Gothic clock tower that is curiously adorned with oriental figures. In the old days it used to play Rule Britannia, God Save the King and a Handel Symphony among sixteen tunes that changed four times a day; now the repertoire is limited to the wafting chimes of the Big Ben on the quarter hour.


The Clock Tower is named after the mother of a 19th century stockbroker, who contributed towards its construction. It has a spiral staircase, which is unfortunately closed to the visitors after several unhappy citizens hurled themselves from the top. Under the clock tower is the magnificent University Library, with what are undoubtedly some of the most exquisite stained glass windows in Asia. These have recently been treated by British conservationists and restored to their pristine glory. Well worth a look. Architects who spent most of their working years in the city designed most buildings in Mumbai.


The buildings of the University in the fort campus are the exception-- the English architect Sir Gilbert Scott designed them. The �Cotton King� and banker, Premchand Roychand, funded the library and the Rajabai clock tower, in memory of his mother Rajabai, with its marvelous sculpted figures. The convocation hall was funded by the man with the deepest pockets in Bombay-- Sir Cowasji Jehangir Readymoney. One of Mumbai's outstanding landmarks, the Rajabai Clock Tower is situated in the gardens of Mumbai University. Inspired by Giotto's Companile in Florence, Gilbert Scott planned the structure. It was completed in the 1870's.

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