Phantom Rock

Phantom Rock

  • Wayanad
  • Kerala
  • India
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Phantom Rock, Wayanad Overview

Mother Nature is a great artist. She has created wonders that leave us awe-inspired. One such marvelous creation of hers' can be found in Wayanad district of Kerala. Known by the name of Phantom Rock, the hills of Cheengri Mala are a renowned tourist attraction. These hills are known for the unique shaped Phantom Rock. This rock is naturally carved in the shape of a skull that gave it the name of Phantom Rock. Amid the lush green hills, this rock can be distinguished easily.


It Is Known For:-
1.  This rock is renowned for its unique natural carving 
2.  The nearby hillocks are the trek lover's paradise


Best Time To Visit:-
Phantom Rock in Wayanad is a great place to visit. People, especially the trek lovers do not miss a chance to challenge their potential by climbing the hillocks. You can visit the Cheengri Mala and Phantom Rock any day except the rainy days. During monsoons, it isn't feasible to climb the hillocks as the path becomes slippery.


Reaching There:-
Travelers on a large scale throng to Phantom Rock. It never fails to lure tourists. It is well connected by roadways but is accessible only through trekking. One has to climb different hills to reach atop and witness the panoramic view of the nearby areas.


Nearest Railway Station- Kozhikode
Nearest Airport- Kozhikode International Airport

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