Anokhi Museum Of Hand Printing

Anokhi Museum Of Hand Printing

  • Jaipur
  • Rajasthan
  • India
  • Time Required 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Timings Tue-sat- 10 am-5 30pm and Sun- 11am-4 30 am
  • Entry Fee Rs 30 per person for adults Rs20 per person for students, Rs 15 per person for children, Rs 50 per still camera, Rs150 per camcorder.

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Anokhi Museum Of Hand Printing, Jaipur Overview

Jaipur city from its early development to the present date has been a place with a high level of significance. Today, it is dotted with numerous monuments, citadels, and other structures from the past that are the gateways leading back to glorious old days. At present, it is the seat of administration housing all major governmental bodies. One of the essential places to take a visit this vacation is the Anokhi Museum of hand printing in Jaipur.


Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing


It is a fantastic museum that exhibits various kinds of artifacts that are related to hand and block printing. By incorporating most modern techniques into the conventional innate methods the foundation that manages the museum has been able to preserve the ethnicity, artistic talent, and craft of the place by putting all of them into the display. If you are enthusiastic about culture and traditional arts, this is a place to visit.


History of Anokhi museum of hand printing Jaipur


The one-of-its-kind museum is a beauty to secure the community of artisans of 500-year-old block printing in Rajasthan. It was inaugurated by Anokhi, a clothing line marketing block-printed garments in stores across in India. The company was the idea of a British woman who married an Indian and relocated to Jaipur in 1970.


The making of the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing was the creativity of Founder & Director, Rachel Bracken Singh and her husband Pritam Singh. Pritam’s father, John Singh, bought the derelict Chanwar Palkiwon ki Haveli mansion in the late 1970s and began a 3-year makeover project in 1989. With the guidance of architects, Nimish Patel & Parul Zaveri, the building was restored to its original grandeur.


Collections of Anokhi Museum


The collection showcases a wide range of natural and chemical processes including dabu mud-resist printing, and gold and silver embellishment. A presentation of wooden and brass blocks with carving tools of tourist attractions and an aspect of the craft that is sometimes neglected when discussing the exquisiteness of the printed cloth. The galleries are divided into heads namely:


• Introduction

• Haveli Restoration

• Regional Textiles

• Natural and Chemical Dyes

• Block Printing & Carving tools

• Gold & Silver Printing

• Demonstration Area


How to reach the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing?


From Amer Fort, you can make your way to the Kheri Gate. You may find feeble signages on the walls directing you to its location and if you don't, just ask the helpful stone owners along the way for directions.


Singaner Airport is the nearest one but 11 km away from the museum. Ramganj Mandi is the nearest railway station to this place that is 2 km away. Jaipur bus stop is the closest that is 5 km away and is well connected to all major cities.


Timings to visit Anokhi Museum


It is opened 6 days a week. Mostly Monday is the off day. Schedules are the same in all seasons that is from 10 AM to 5 PM but on Sundays between 11:00 am to 4:30 pm. However, the schedules may vary on special days and government holidays.


The museum is closed on all national as well as local holidays along with being shut down for two months, that is, between 15 May and 15 July for gallery maintenance purposes.


Interesting facts to know about


• The museum established on contemporary fabric, increasing from advanced designs formed by talented artisans to traditional outfits still tattered in select regions today, albeit in declining numbers.

• An attentive selection of historic textiles offers a context for further understanding of block printing.

• The travelers have a chance to chat with the artists and try their hand at the craft in the block printing and block carving demonstration area.

• This museum organizes workshops for school students, colleges and provides either a general tour or a special exhibition tour.

• It supports an ongoing research program to study block printing, particularly in select regions of northern India.

• Their consistent effort has resulted in an ongoing series of publications with related museum exhibitions.


Nearby places to visit in Jaipur


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• Albert Hall Museum - Also known as Central Museum, it is a beautiful exhibit of the place history, traditions, art, and culture. It proudly displays an extensive collection of metalware, portraits, decorative ware, paintings, sculptures, traditional costumes, pottery, woodwork, etc. It is one of the known landmarks of the city and generally remains busy with tourists and school children.


• Amer fort - This is only 11 kilometers distant from the capital city of Jaipur, is clad in pink and yellow sandstone and is a part of an extensive complex. The Amer Fort over its massive ramparts, numerous gateways, and paved paths overlooks the Maotha Lake in the town of Amer.


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