Chokhi Dhani Village

Chokhi Dhani Village

  • Jaipur
  • Rajasthan
  • India
  • Timings 5 30 PM–11 PM
  • Time Required 2 - 3 hours
  • Entry Fee for Choki Dhani Jaipur Traditional Rajasthani Dining Adult INR 750Child INR 450 , AC Royal Rajasthani Dining Adult INR 950,Child INR 500, Multicuisine Buffet in Choupal Adult INR 1200Child , INR 800 Suites for hotel bookings  more..

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Chokhi Dhani Village, Jaipur Overview

Choki Dhani Village has gained a huge popularity among the tourists. Chokhi Dhani also means Rajasthani Culture and the resort village just tries to highlight the same. Chokh Dhani village has also emerged as one of the top attractions of Jaipur. When tourists visit the village they manage to get a sneak peek of Rajasthani culture. A large number of cultural activities take place here that leave the tourists mesmerized and awe-struck. The theme of the resort has sought inspiration from village life. It offers visitors unique experiences that have been drawing a large number of tourists from all across the globe.


Historical significance


The resort came into existence in the year 1989 and stretched across 10 acres of land. If you visit the place, you will get to see the majestic architecture that reflects the magnificence of a rich tradition of Rajasthan. The architecture of Chokhi Dhani Village has been heavily influenced by the Indo-Saracenic style.


Things to watch


You will witness many series of reconstructed huts in Chokhi Dhani. Like in earlier times, when cow dung was heavily used on the walls and at the floors, cow dung has been used here on the walls of these huts as well. The walls of the huts are adorned with stunning wall paintings. The rooms at the resort offer all the amenities and facilities to make the stay comfortable and memorable. If you are looking for some fun time, you can travel there and have some leisure time with your loved ones.


Visitor Information:


If you are planning a trip to Chokhi Dhani, you must be aware of the location. The address of the resort is 12 Mile, Tonk Road, Jaipur. The timings are from 5 pm to 11 pm. The resort remains open every day. For adults, the entry fee is between Rs 700 to Rs 1100. While for children, the entry fee is between Rs 400 to Rs 700.


Traveler Tips:


The climate of Rajasthan is quite hot and humid and may leave you thirsty quite frequently. It is advised that you carry plenty of water if you are planning to visit the place. Make sure you wear comfortable cotton clothes that may not make you feel suffocated. You are also advised to plan your trip during the winter months as you may find the summers of the state intolerable.


Things to Do:


There are various things that travelers can do when they are in Chokhi Dhani village. Visitors can explore the Bagada Market, Kishan market, Gold Souk, etc. Visitors can also capture images of the popular architecture of the village and create life-long memories.


Best Time to Visit:


You may undertake your trip to Chokhi Dhani Village beginning from October to March. The place offers amazing things to explore and the favorable weather will help you enjoy the place to the maximum.


How to Reach?


Travellers can reach Jaipur without any hassle from various places via flight or train. It has good air, rail, and bus connectivity. Upon reaching the airport, the tourists can take buses or hire cabs to reach the stunning Chokhi Dhani. You can hire a private cab or a bus from Jaipur to reach the place.

Nearby Attractions: There are several nearby attractions that visitors can explore. It may include Dev Narayan Temple, Hanuman Mandir, Sangam cinema, Shri Sanjay Sharma Museum, Hari Mandir among others.


FAQs and informations


• Activities that travelers can explore

The whole village has been segregated in various sections. It offers fun-filled activities that may include elephant rides, camel ride, bullock-cart ride, and even tonga ride. You will also enjoy the stunning puppet show, magic shows, live music, and Rajasthan dance shows at the world-famous resort.

• Popular restaurants

If you want to satisfy the cravings of your taste buds, you can any time relish the original Rajasthani vegetarian cuisines apt for royals. Sangri restaurant serves the mouth-watering dishes. You can also taste the food at Aragosta restaurant that has emerged as a multi-cuisine restaurant at Chokhi Dhani village. It is one of the largest restaurants in the resort. You can taste North Indian and Chinese food along with some other cuisine at the restaurant.

• Shopping

If you are a shopping buff, you can indulge in some purchasing at Chokhi Dhani village as it houses the Kalagram, a significant initiative that aims to boost local artisans who make excellent handicrafts. You can check the beautiful collections of decorative items, paintings, and accessories at the Chokhi Dhani shops. The stocks at these shops leave tourists captivated. You can buy various items at an economical price range that will not cause a hole in your pocket.

• Stay at the resort

You can also decide to stay in the resort in case you are keen to enjoy luxury along with a taste of Rajasthani culture. You will get an opportunity to explore the various amenities and cultural attractions at the resort.

• Head massage

The resort also offers local champi style head massage that will leave you thoroughly relaxed and stress-free. The authentic masseurs have great expertise in giving a specialized head massage to visitors.

You will come across a station for a bioscope inside the village resort. Bioscope can be defined as a compact machine on the stand and it contains six small eye holes. At one time, six people will be able to watch private shows through the bioscope. You can watch a film highlighting the vital history and culture of Rajasthan. It will take you 4 to 5 hours to completely explore the village.


Therefore, we can conclude here that Chokhi Dhani Village, Jaipur will offer you a life-time experience that you will always remember. The culture of Rajasthan is unique and leaves scores of tourists spellbound. Many tourists throng the state every year to see the exquisite beauty of the place. Rajasthan has emerged as one of the highly popular states as far as tourist arrival is concerned. So plan your next trip to Chokhi Dhani and see the rich culture of the state.


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