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Galta-Temple, Jaipur Overview

About 20 kms. from Jaipur is Galta, famous for the old pilgrim centre of Galtaji and 'kunds' (natural springs and reservoirs) said to have curative powers. The small temple of the Sun god, built by Diwan Kriparam on top of the highest peak, is visible form all parts of the city. Beyond the gardens amidst the low hill guarding the city lies the old pilgrim centre of Galtaji. Galta is sacred to Hindus mainly because of the temple dedicated to the Sun god. Here freshwater spring seeps through the rocks in the otherwise dry valley.


The water keeps the two tanks fresh. It's an old place of pilgrimage, lying at the bottom of some hills in a lush landscape of trees and bushes. It is believed that sage Galava performed severe penance here. The temples are intricately and brightly painted which have images of Brahma, Vishnu, Parvati and Ganesha. There are friezes showing scenes from religious festivals and state occasions, maharajas playing polo, the exploits of Krishna and the gopis.

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