Kerala Folklore Theater And Museum

Kerala Folklore Theater And Museum

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Kerala Folklore Theater And Museum, Kochi Overview

Hemmed on the south-east outskirts of Ernakulum, Kerala Folklore Museum is the place that showcases the rich heritage and culture of Kerala through numerous art forms and dance forms. George Taliath, the owner of the place, has collected these antiques for over thirty years. The collection has more than 5000 artifacts which are collected from old house and old temples.


Highlights of Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum


Stepping into this three-story building, you will get a stroll of the past and ancient history of Kerala. The old antiques there have a scent of past and a strong essence of culture and heritage. The place is not for a profitable venture but to preserve the folklore wealth of Kerala.


This opened in the year 2009 as a non profitable organization. The museum is a treasure that upholds the cultural heritage of Kerala through art and dance. The sculptures and masks, musical instruments, wood, stone, copper, traditional costumes, ritual art forms, everything are preserved here with care. They have a scent of a bygone era.


The labyrinthine architecture of the Museum


The entrance of Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum is constructive with the remnants of the 16th-century temples of Tamil Nadu, and the wood carvings are collected from all over Kerala. The entrance has a traditional ornate door lock. After the entrance, there are pierced wooden windows in Malabar Style.


The museum is the same as the Malabar Mansion, the architecture which was seen only in the regions of Malabar. This was a blend of rosewood, teak, and metal together and was seen only in the north of Kerala. Wood was used extensively in ceilings and roofs. They were incorporated with metal buds. The Arabic style of simplicity is mixed with a unique style of architecture, giving rise to a new style of Islamic architecture that cannot be found in any part of the world.


What can be found here :


On the ground the floor, you will get to see 3000 years burial urns. Along with that, some musical instruments can also be found. Stone Age jewellery, objects, and some penis-shaped objects are also found here. These objects are said to be offered to gods so that the women could give birth to sons.

The first floor has the traditional costumes. The costumes are basically of ritual and traditional dancers. There are also some mural paintings, south Indian ethnic culture, wooden ceilings with 60 frames and 392 columns, and many more.

Visit Time :

On the second floor, you will see theatres where performances take place every day from 9:30 in the morning till 7:00 in the evening. This place has now royal importance after the visit of Prince Charles.


Transport to The Museum and Entrance Fee


The easiest way to reach the museum is hopping on an auto-rickshaw. You can also take a bus but then again have to walk a lot to take another auto till the folklore museum.


All can come and enjoy the cultural delicacy of Kerala. The entrance fee for students is 50 rupees, and for adults, it is 100 rupees.


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