Pierce Leslie Bungalow

Pierce Leslie Bungalow

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Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Kochi Overview

Pierce Leslie Bungalow is counted as one of the best among all the nearby attractions of Fort Kochi. It is actually located nearby Vasco da Gama Square. You can easily spot its unique presence among the surrounding. The architecture of this building is strongly influenced by the combination of Portuguese and Dutch styles back in 1862. Earlier this charming mansion was the working center of Pierce Leslie and his company, who was quite famous in the world of coffee merchants in India of that era. Among all the heritage buildings popular for visiting in Kochi, Pierce Leslie Bungalow drags the key attention. You would certainly enjoy its architectural grandeur and historical significance.


Though tourists are not allowed to enter this white building, enjoying a glance at this beautiful old architecture is worth a visit.


Important facts about Pierce Leslie Bungalow:


• Pierce Leslie Bungalow is counted as the representative of Fort Kochi Colonial Bungalow. It carries Dutch and Portuguese influences and with time it has gained some local impacts too on its architecture.

• The roof of the ground floor of this bungalow is made up of wood and various wood panels have used in its building. The specialty of its architecture lies in the carved doors, expansive and sprawling rooms and arched doorways.

• An added attraction to its architecture is its waterfront verandahs.


Features of Pierce Leslie Bungalow:


Built-in 1862, this ancient mansion is a true architecture delight that perfectly blends Keralian, Portuguese and Dutch construction styles.

You can find two houses in the bungalow which are named Koder House and Harbor House.


How to reach Pierce Leslie Bungalow Kochi:


You can reach there through rail, bus or airways. The nearest railway station is Ernakulam. It is a few kilometers away from the bungalow.

And, the nearest airport is Cochin International airport. It is 30 km away from Ernakulam.


You can stay in a budget/ luxury hotel in Kochi. Start your journey in the morning time towards Fort Kochi. On the way, Fort Immanuel can be your early location. It is situated on K.J. Herschel Road.

Portuguese rulers invaded this mainstay earlier and thus its presence symbolizes alliance between the Cochin maharaja and the Portugal rulers.

Kochi Fort is a major tourist attraction among global tourists due to its building architecture, historical background, and exquisite surroundings. You can explore more nearby it by walking down the rad. You are sure to spot something attractive to every corner of the city.


Other important highlights of Fort Kochi tour 


• Vasco-da Gama Square

• David Hall

• Bastion Bungalow

Never forget to plan your trip well before leaving your home!


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