Kodanad Elephant Training Center

Kodanad Elephant Training Center

  • Kochi
  • Kerala
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Kodanad Elephant Training Center, Kochi Overview

Kodanand is a small village situated on the banks of River Periyar in Ernakulam District, Kochi, Kerala. It is a very peaceful and beautiful place having one of the most famous elephant training centres in the country. Located exactly at a distance of about 45 km towards the northeast in Kochi, it is one of the most pleasant places were newly born elephants are captured and kept for training.

Before, the elephants were captured from the Malayatoor forests and were trained in Kodanand. However, now, the act of capturing elephants has been banned, and thus, Kodanand has turned out to become a training center for the elephants.


Kodanand Elephant Sanctuary


The Kodanad Elephant Training Center  Kochi, has emerged as a popular picnic spot and tourist destination in Kerala. It is an elephant rescue and training centre where the professionals concentrate on rescuing and training stranded adults as well as baby elephants. The place has several walkways along the riverside, which offers the visitors a unique experience with an exotic forest and river scene. This is the elephant rescue and care centre for the central as well as the southern forest region in Kerala.


History of Kodanand Elephant Training Centre


In the early 1950s and 60s, the Kodanad Elephant Training Center  Kochi used to be one of the largest training centres which captured elephants from the adjoining forest area. Those skilled people who captured and trained the elephants were known as Mahouts or Paappaan in Malayalam. However, in 1970, with a ban on the act of capturing elephants by the Government of India, the Kodanand has turned into a resume training centre for the elephants.


Activities with the Kodanand Elephants


Several activities are performed with the Elephants in the Kodanand Elephant Training and Rescue Center.


• Elephant Bath in Kodanand Elephant Camp


Early morning by the riverside, the tourists can informally get an amazing chance to experience the hands-on bathe as well as massage of both adult and baby elephants. All of it is done under the proper supervision of the Mahouts. The elephants are massaged of elephants that are usually done using small flat rocks or husk of coconuts and then are bathed.


• Elephant Safari in Kodanand Elephant Camp


The next attractive activity offer by Kodanand to the visitors is the enthralling elephant safari in the main park. In this park, the old ‘Kraal’ is still maintained for housing elephants. It is a structure made out of wood compartments that can accommodate up to four elephants.


• Elephant Feeding in Kodanad


Visitors who come to Kodanad Elephant Training centre are allowed to watch the feeding of elephants. About 80% of the elephant's day is spent on feeding it. The entire activity is quite fascinating, watching the baby as well as grown-up elephants feeding themselves in a large expanse of the environment.


• Baby Elephants Washing in Kodanad


Tourists can even watch baby elephants during their early training. There is also a small zoo which shelters different wild animals that are unfit and are unable to survive in the local forest.


Known as Elephant Kraal, this place is a perfect combination of the rescue centre, training centre, mini zoo with easy access via river boats. This is the prime reason for such a huge attraction for tourists.


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