Loafer's Corner

Loafer's Corner

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Loafer's Corner, Kochi Overview

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could just take a stroll around a fort and be transposed to a completely different era? If you are in Kochi, you can experience this by visiting the Loafer’s Corner.


This is known to be one of the oldest cities on the face of Kochi and people love to explore this street to see the perfect amalgamation of tradition mixed with a touch of modernity. If you are not able to find Loafer’s Corner on the map, you can probably search it with the name of Princess Street. This is a popular name given to this beautiful corner in the hustling and bustling city.


Located right in the heart of the city, Loafer’s Street – Kochi is known to bring out the vibrancy of the old world charm. While on one side, you can see the entire street be dotted with a number of European style buildings and houses, on the other side, you can easily see a number of pubs, bars, clubs, and discotheques in the area. The European homes have an aura that reflects the French, British, Dutch, and Portuguese style architecture and designing. You can easily be reminded of the European era as you move into this Loafer’s Corner in Fort Kochi. A stroll through this happening street and your eyes would definitely witness the 200-year-old Dutch Style building that reflects the grandiose of the old times.


While it is lined with tourists throughout the day who want to experience the richness of the bygone colonial era, as the sun goes down, Loafer’s Corner in Kochi transforms into one of the most happening corners in the entire city. Party lovers, music lovers, and dance lovers flock the Princess Street in Kochi and reserve their tables in the lounges and clubs that are running in these European buildings. The social and party buffs love to spend their time in the Loafer’s Corner in Kochi to enjoy the night away.


There are many shops in the street that sell souvenirs and handcrafted items to the tourists. You can even buy jewelry, traditional items, footwear, and clothes here. The curio shops, street kiosks, and the soothing cafes are also a place for all tourists to visit in the Loafer’s corner. This market is lined and crowded with tourists all year round and is termed as one of the most ‘touristy’ markets in the entire city of Kochi.


The buildings and structures in Loafer’s Corner are also a piece of beauty and amazement. Most of the structures have bronze stucco walls while their plaster is peeling off. However, the food here is the most loving thing. You can freshly baked bread and other bakery products in the morning. During the afternoons, the cafes and restaurants are lined with families. During the evening, the young crowd gathers around the Loafer’s Corner and make it really happening. You can groove to the beats of your favorite songs, have delicious food, and kill your tiredness in this beautiful Princess Street or Loafer’s Corner that Kochi has.

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