Paradesi Synagogue

Paradesi Synagogue

  • Kochi
  • Kerala
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Paradesi Synagogue, Kochi Overview

In ancient times Jews were powerful and rich. The Jews have always made a significant impact on the people and society, which is positive as well as negative. This is the reason why Jews have travelled almost all parts of the world in search of valuables and to keep their heads high.


One such Jewish l group cane to India and settled in the adjoining areas of Kochi. They mingled with the society well, and this founded a Jewish society. To see that their meetings were going well, they built Paradesi Synagogue in the heart of the city of Kochi as an assembly hall to conduct prayers.


This is how Paradesi Synagogue came to live and stands as a symbol of prowess and diplomacy of Jews in India. Now Paradesi Synagogue – Kochi has become of the greatest tourist spot that people visit to get a glimpse of true Jewish culture.


Things to do on a visit


There are several instructions that one needs to follow. The visitors visiting the place are allowed to enter barefoot. Look at the artifacts and the huge collection from the past that portrays the influence of Jews in India. You are not allowed to click pictures and photographs until and unless you take permission from the authority.


Walk in the old corridors of the heritage building, which will take you into the past. Learn about the culture, art, architecture, and the influence of the Jews when they were a significant community in India. There are several guides for your help. They are there to explain to you and tell you in detail about the place in ancient times.


When to visit:


The best time to visit Paradesi Synagogue – Kochi is from November to February. This is so because the weather at that time is very good and you will feel good in spite of that bright sunlight.


How To Reach There:


The place is situated in the prime location. It is 3.5km away from the main market of Kochi. Thus you can travel there from Arror by hiring a cab or an auto-rickshaw simply by your choice. You can also choose to walk to your destination comes as the road is very easy and will seem good if you are joined with your loved ones.


Some Interesting Facts about The Place


The Paradesi Synagogue was built in the year 1568. This was built for purposes of performing the Jewish ritual known as miniyan, which is a way to pray to their God. This place was the largest Synagogue until the one in the commonwealth was made. This place is still active today and has several precious things preserved in it, such as the two gold crows that were presented by the ruler of that time.


The Timings and Entry Fees


The entry fee is zero. You don’t need to pay anything to go inside this place. The timings are from10 to 1 pm and again from 2 pm to 5 pm except for Friday and Saturday and also other Jewish holidays.

Thus, it can be commented that the Jew affected the lives of the people of Kochi because of which Paradesi Synagogue came into being.


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