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  • Palni Hills in Kodaikanal#1
    Palni Hills

    Palni Hills, also spelled as Palani Hills, is a mountain range in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. It is an eastward extension of the astounding Western Ghats....


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  • Kodaikanal Wax Museum in Kodaikanal#2
    Kodaikanal Wax Museum

    Kodaikanal Wax Museum is a renowned attraction. It is a museum of its own kind that never fails to amaze its visitors. It is a must-see destination fo...


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  • Perumal Peak in Kodaikanal#3
    Perumal Peak

    Standing at a height of 8005 feet above the sea level, Perumal Peak is a mesmerizing tourist attraction in Kodaikanal. It is the highest peak of the P...


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  • Kumbakkarai Falls in Kodaikanal#4
    Kumbakkarai Falls

    Untouched from the modern touch, Kumbakkarai Falls is an enchanting waterfall in Dindigul, Kodaikanal. This waterfall is a less explored destination. ...


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  • Coakers Walk in Kodaikanal#5
    Coakers Walk

    Coakers Walk is a one-kilometer long pathway carved on a mountain slope in Kodaikanal. This path was paved in the year 1872 by a British lieutenant, S...


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  • Silver Cascade Falls in Kodaikanal#6
    Silver Cascade Falls

    Silver Cascade Falls is a must-visit tourist attraction in Kodaikanal. It is surrounded by the rocky cliffs and descends from a great height of 180 fe...


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  • Flora and Fauna Museum in Kodaikanal#7
    Flora and Fauna Museum

    Originally known by the name of Shenbaganur Museum, Flora and Fauna Museum is an amazing place for the visitors and tourists in Kodaikanal. It is situ...

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  • Pillar Rocks Viewpoint in Kodaikanal#8
    Pillar Rocks Viewpoint

    One of the must-visit places in Kodaikanal, Pillar Rocks Viewpoint is an amazing tourist attraction. It is a serene destination that is known for its ...

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  • Kodaikanal Solar Observatory in Kodaikanal#9
    Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

    Located in the beautiful surroundings of Palani Hills, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is a famous tourist attraction in the district of Dindigul. It is ...

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  • Liril Falls in Kodaikanal#10
    Liril Falls

    Surrounded by the lush green vegetation and having a soul-calming atmosphere, Liril Falls is an amazing place to visit in Kodaikanal. It is a beautifu...


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  • Kodaikanal Lake in Kodaikanal#11
    Kodaikanal Lake

    The Kodaikanal Lake covers 24 hectares and is surrounded by a 5 km long road. Built by Sir Vere Henry Levinge (1819-1885), the collector of Madurai, w...

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  • Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal#12
    Berijam Lake

    Berijam Lake located at a distance of 21-km from Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is one among the beautiful lakes of South India. Spread over an area of 24 h...

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  • Bryant Park in Kodaikanal#13
    Bryant Park

    Established in the year 1908 and unfolded over 20 acres of land, Bryant Park in Kodaikanal is a famous tourist attraction. It was established by Mr. H...


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  • Kurinji Andavar Temple in Kodaikanal#14
    Kurinji Andavar Temple

    Dedicated to the 'God of Hills' Murugan, Kurinji Andavar Temple is an eminent Hindu pilgrimage site in the district of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. It is a b...

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  • Chettiar Park in Kodaikanal#15
    Chettiar Park

    Chettiar Park is a well-known public park in Kodaikanal. It is a garden that serves as an ideal place for the visitors to spend their leisure time. It...


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  • Bear Shola Falls in Kodaikanal#16
    Bear Shola Falls

    Surrounded by the garnet green vegetation and blest with a serene ambiance, Bear Shola Falls is a famous attraction in Kodaikanal. According to the lo...


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  • Subrahmanya Temple in Kodaikanal#17
    Subrahmanya Temple

    Standing 65 km. from the main city of Kodaikanal, Subrahmanya Temple is a sacred site of interest in Tamil Nadu. It is a Holy shrine of the Hindu God,...

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  • Fairy Falls in Kodaikanal#18
    Fairy Falls

    Fairy Falls is a beautiful waterfall in the hill town of Kodaikanal. It is a serene spot where an individual can rejuvenate his/her tired senses. It i...


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  • Moir Point in Kodaikanal#19
    Moir Point

    Depicting the beauty of nature in real words, Moir Point is a captivating view point in Kodaikanal. The entire surroundings of this place stand among ...


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