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Camel Safari

A safari is basically an overland journey. It generally refers to a tour of Africa by tourists. Traditionally, this tour was about a big game hunt but in modern times it also includes watching and clicking photographs of the big game and rest of the wildlife animals. The word �safari� holds a certain style or theme with itself which consists of belted bush jackets, slouch hats or pith helmets, khaki clothing, and animal skin like leopard�s skin. Earlier safari tour was popularly used to denote touring and hunting expeditions in the east of Africa but now it is generally used for any adventurous or long expedition or journey like camel safari, desert safari, jeep safari, elephant safari, wildlife safari, jungle safari etc. One of the most famous safaris out of all is camel safari which is highly popular around the globe. Camel Safari is basically an expedition which involves exploring the deserts riding on a camel�s back. The most important thing while going for a camel safari is to be good with the balancing act and also getting used to the camel�s movement. Camels are a bit unique species but they are regarded as the desert�s lifeline. Camel is also known as the �ship of the desert� since it is the main means of transportation in deserts. A camel trip is such an experience which one cannot forget his/her whole life. One can experience the ups and downs of sand dunes while riding the camel through the sandy landscape of a desert. In the ancient times, when no other means of transport was developed camel safari was the sole means of transport in a desert used for communication. Tips for Camel Safari There are certain things that you should check before going on a camel safari which include:

  • Always book a camel safari trip with prior reservations and must check your reservations before leaving for your trip.
  • Climate in the deserts is always extreme so one should always carry all the necessary things as a safety option.
  • One should carry sunglasses, sunscreen etc. to protect you eyes and skin from the sun stroke.
  • One should wear and carry loose fitted cotton clothes as the climate is quite hot and a person tends to sweat a lot.
  • One should also have extra blankets because the nights can get real chilly at times.
  • The most important thing is to carry plenty of water with oneself to avert the state of dehydration.

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