Achyutaraya Temple

Achyutaraya Temple

  • Hampi
  • Karnataka
  • India

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Achyutaraya Temple, Hampi Overview

Achyutaraya Temple is a major landmark in the city of Hampi. It is a temple of the bygone era that was built by an official in Achyutaraya’s court in the 16th century. He was the younger brother of the King Krishnadeva Raya and an ardent admirer of arts and literature. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is an enticing edifice for all. Standing in the Dravidian style of architecture, this temple is also popular by the name of Tiruvengalantha Mandir.

It Is Known For:-
1)    Achyutaraya Temple is a marvelous example of the Dravidian style of architecture. It was the last temple that was built before the downfall of the Vijaynagar Empire.

2)     It was named after King Achyutaraya due to his ardent devotion towards Lord Tiruvengalantha.

3)    This shrine lost its charm after the attack of Bahamani kingdom and became a remnant.

4)    Despite being in a remnant position, this temple has never failed to catch the attention of visitors.

5)    Due to the secluded location, it has turned into an astounding place for spending a good quality time away from the chaos of cities.

Best Time To Visit:-
Achyutaraya Temple is a major crowd puller and never fails to catch the attention of visitors. It is a monument of national interest and is protected by the authorities.  It can be visited during any season of the year. Photography is allowed at this place.

Watch Out:-
Achyutaraya Temple authorities do not allow visitors to stay on its premises after the darkness gathers. Thus, one has to leave the place as per the timings that are set for visiting.

Reaching There:-
Hampi city is well-connected via all major highways, railheads, and airways that make it convenient for all to reach there. Commuting within the city can be done best by hiring the services of the local transit like the bus, taxis, and auto. In some quaint locations, there are high chances of spotting the bullock-carts as well.

Nearest Railway Station:- Hospet Junction
Nearest Airport:- Hubli Airport

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