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Earth holds various geographical features of which many have been discovered and some still await their chance. Some of these geographical features have turned out to be the major tourist's destinations. Some of such geographical feature includes beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes etc. Talking about lake, a lake refers to water body of substantial size, which is surrounded by land on all sides. A lake is generally much larger & deeper as compared to that of a pond. There are various lakes in the earth among which the majority are fresh water lakes. Fresh water lakes mostly occur at higher altitude places in the Northern Hemisphere.

Large lakes are also known as inland seas, while small seas are referred as lakes. So never get confused with both of them. According to the environmental science, the ambience of the lake is termed as lacustrine. One would be surprised to know that Canada holds around 60% of total world's lake. It is true and it is possible only because of deranged drainage system that Canada possesses. There are various man-made or artificial lakes, which are used for the generation of hydro-electric power.

Origin : Lakes are a result of various natural processes, which takes place on the earth. The tectonic uplift of the mountain range can cause the formation of a bowl shaped depression, which ultimately gets filled with water. This water body is than termed as a lake. Lakes also form due to the advancing & retreating of glaciers that scrapes the earth and cause the formation of a depression. This depression gets filled with water and becomes a lake. Some lakes are also formed due to various landslides or glacial blockages.

There are various types of lakes found on earth and some of them are listed below :

Periglacial - In these types of lake ice sheet, glacier or ice cap is formed in a part of the lake, which restricts the natural drainage.

Glacial Lake - This type of lakes has their origin from a melted glacier.

Meromictic Lake - These lakes have different layers of water, which does not migle with each other.

Underground Lakes - As the name suggest, they refer to lakes, which are formed under earth's crust.

Subglacial Lakes - These types of lakes are permanently covered with ice and generally occur under the ice caps, glaciers, ice sheets etc.

Artificial Lakes - Artificial lakes are man-made and are formed by flooding the land behind the dam by releasing water from the dam.

There are various other types of lakes like endorheic lakes, Rift Lake and many more. Nowadays, all these lakes have turned out to be one of the major tourist spots in the world.

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