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The art and science which involves designing buildings as well as other physical structures is known as architecture. To define the term widely we can say that architecture is designing of the entire built environment. It includes macro level details of the structure like town planning, landscape architecture and urban design to micro level details of construction and sometimes furniture as well. The term architecture can also be utilized for the profession which provides architectural services. Architectural design is mainly derived by creative manipulation of space, mass, volume, light, texture, materials, program, shadow and other pragmatic factors like construction, technology and cost. This leads to an end which is functional, artistic and aesthetic. That is why engineering design is different from architecture since it is mainly driven by the creative manipulation of forms and materials utilizing scientific and mathematic principles.

Feel architecture in a different way : Other than the design process, architecture can also be felt through senses which have actually led to the growth of visual, aural, tactile and olfactory architecture. As one moves through a space architecture can be felt as a sequence of time. According to our culture architecture is only a visual experience but our other senses help us experience both built and natural environments. Culture plays a very important role in deciding one's attitude towards senses. Furthermore, sensory experience and design process of a space are clearly separate views each with its own assumptions and language.

Architecture as a symbol : Architectural works are taken as political and cultural symbols and art works. Historical civilizations are mainly known for their achievements in the field of architecture. Buildings like Roman Colosseum and pyramids of Egypt are cultural symbols and are a significant link in public awareness even when much about past civilization has been discovered by other means. Regions, cultures and cities are identified and are recognized by their architectural monuments.

Famous Architectures :

The Leaning Tower of Pisa This is Italy's most famous structure and the architecture behind this famous building is not certainly known till date.

The Coliseum Coliseum is a great monument to the royal power of Rome.

The Taj Mahal Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan who was quite passionate about art and architecture. During his rule, architecture grew throughout the empire.

Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is a monarchial castle as it is the British monarch's official residence.

There are many other buildings and monuments which are highly famous for their architecture and also attract people from all around the globe with their architecture.

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