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Snow can be defined as a type of water ice that comprises of various snowflakes. These snowflakes descend from the clouds in huge numbers. Snow is a granular material as it is composed of various small particles of ice. The snow is quite soft until and unless it is compressed. Snow generally falls on places located in high altitudes. All such places have turned in tourist spots. Tourists come from far away to these places so as to enjoy the snowfall. During the snowfall, each and every thing gets covered with the snow. The view is such an enchanting one that it can melt each and every heart. The places receiving snowfall also attracts a large number of snow sports lover. People visit such places with all their gears and drown themselves in snow sports. Such is the popularity of snow sports that nowadays, winter Olympics are being organized that includes various snow sports. Snow sports are generally reckoned to be the activity of the young as it needs a lot guts and stamina. There are various types of snow sports, which are listed below.

Skiing : The term Skiing is used to refer to an array of sports, where skis are used. The skis are mostly used in combination with boots. This boots are connected by a binding to the ski. This snow sport originated from other sports like skateboarding and surfing. There are various types of skiing, which are given below.

Alpine Skiing - This type of skiing originated in the Alps and is the most common type of skiing.

Alpine Freestyle - In this type of skiing, a person can perform any type of aerobatics.

Military Skiing - This type of skiing is performed by military for travelling purposes. In addition, there are various other types of skiing that are practiced all over the globe.

Snowboarding : It is a type of sport in which a person descends from a snow covered slope with the help of a snowboard. The snowboard is attached to the feet of the person with the help of a boot that is specially designed for skiing purposes.

Snowbiking : It is a very adventurous sport that requires a lot of skill and courage. In it the person rides a bicycle through the snow, which is not an easy task to do on a slippery surface.

Snowmobiling : In this sport, a person rides a snow mobile, which is vehicle over the snow covered ground. One can take part in races that are regularly organized in various parts of the world. In addition, there are various other snow sports like dog sledding, heliskiing, snow kiting and many more.

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