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Forts and Palaces

World is blessed with a lot of marvelous structures and buildings which are spread all across the globe. Among these structures are the very glorious forts and beautiful palaces. Forts and palaces are spread in the whole world are highly famous for their architecture and design. These forts and palaces are built with a purpose and not merely for tourist attraction. Throwing some more light on forts and palaces.

Forts : 3 Forts, also known as fortifications, are military buildings and constructions basically designed for the purpose of defense in warfare. These defensive works have been built by humans since thousands of years and that too in designs which are highly complex. The word fortification is derived from the words of Latin i.e. fortis which means strong and facere which means to make. There are different types of forts all around the world.

Types of forts :

  • Bastion fortress
  • Bunker
  • Blockhouse
  • Castle
  • Compound
  • City wall
  • Hill fort
  • Martello tower
  • Keep etc.

Palaces : 3A palace forms the house of the state's head or some other public figure of high ranking, in English. In countries like Italy, palaces are also used to define some private mansions. Some of the palaces are also being utilized for different purposes like museums or parliaments. Palaces are sometimes also used to define a lush public building which do not reside any public figure. This usage is meant to express that the building is palace of people where a kind of civic consciousness resides. According to historians palaces are the complex structures of Mycenaean palace societies or Minoan Knossos or the Philip of Macedon's Pella's Macedonian palace system of 4th century B.C. or other palaces present outside Europe.

Tourist Attractions : Forts and palaces form great tourist attractions and attract tourists from all over the globe. Tourists visit these forts and palaces to experience their architecture, design and beauty. This way forts and palaces are a boon for tourism industry especially economically.

Famous Forts and Palaces : Few of highly famous Forts are Bourtange Star Fort, Groningen (province), Netherlands, Krakow Old City, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Castillo De San Marcos Fort, St. Augustine, Florida, The Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan, Rodberget Fort, Sweden, Petrovaradin Fortress, Lahore Fort, Edinburgh Castle, Sialkot Fort, Sialkot, Pakistan etc. Furthermore some of the famous palaces are Palace, Trier (Germany), Queluz National Palace, Palais de la Cite, Paris, Palais des Papes, Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran, Sheremetev Palace, Kuskovo, Palace, Mysore, India, The National Palace, Mexico City etc.

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