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Elephant safari can take a visitor to such places like difficult terrains where it�s difficult for even jeeps to venture. And in addition, riding an elephant is a whole new experience in itself. A ride on an elephant can actually bring you back to the royal era, where only kings had the pleasure of riding on these royal beasts. Nothing could compare to the royalty of these pachyderm. There is a lot of difference between the elephant rides of these kings and the present day elephant safaris. The kings used to ride on elephants which were incorporated with a large seat made up of all soft silk cushions on which they used to sit, a howdah and a ceremonial umbrella placed over the head of the rider. But still, modern day safaris are also no less when it comes to lavishness. The slow and steady movement of an elephant makes the elephant safari an ideal safari to visit around and in the wild regions or the wildlife sanctuaries. Riding an elephant in these places can give an easy access to view the wildlife. Moreover an elephant safari can also bring you close to these majestic animals. One can also get to see wild elephants in the ponds, taking their regular bath. Sitting on these elephants, one can easily click pictures of the wildlife around and photographs with elephants can be obtained without any effort. Tips for Elephant Safari Before going to an elephant safari one must check a few essential things which include:

  • The safari camps sometimes tend to be more lavish than they actually are so therefore choose your incentive group ups very carefully.
  • Elephant safari is an elaborated affair therefore it also acquires a lot of people to attend to it so before choosing a group take care of this fact as well.
  • One requires a good backup for going to an elephant safari since weather is very variable specially a tropical or desertic climate.
  • One must carry sunglasses, sunscreen, medical kit and plenty of water to avert the state of dehydration.
  • One must also wear such clothes which provide space for skin to breathe since the climate is very hot and a person tends to sweat. A visitor is also expected to dress up modestly.
  • A visitor is also expected to carry some kind of protection for the head.
  • One must also travel in groups for safety purpose and it is costly friendly as well.

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