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The term wildlife is used to describe all the animals, non-domesticated plants and various other organisms. Wildlife exists in all the ecosystems like rainforests, deserts, plains etc. Wildlife generally refers to all the living things excluding man; that are untouched and exists naturally. Horse Safari has always remained a source of fun and adventures. People travel to wildlife sanctuaries in search of fun and excitement. The best way of viewing wildlife Safari is via Horse Safari tours. The term safari originated in East Africa and refers to hunting expeditions. In a safari, a large group of people travel together along with a guide. This makes travelling really easier and full of fun. When it comes to wildlife safari, it started in Africa, where group of people used to travel to the jungles in order to view wildlife. In today�s world, the idea of Horse safari has spread throughout the world. In all the countries, there are various travel companies that organizes Horse safaris. A Horse safari does not mean that carrying one�s bag and just going on a journey. For going to any such wildlife safari, one has to prepare beforehand. Below given are some important tips that one should follow before travelling or while traveling in a Horse safari.

    1. Check out the travel agency that is organizing the Horse safari. A wrong choice may fully ruin one�s trip.
    2. Check out the facilities provided by the travel agency like bedding, mosquito nets etc. If they are not provided than one should carry all such things himself or herself.
    3. In addition to all the above things, one should carry a binocular. A binocular will provide one the complete pleasure of viewing the animals from distance. One should also carry a portable digital camera so as to capture the moments of the trip.
    4. One should always be patience and never get frustrated while riding Horse.
    5. Never stray away from the other members of the safari.
    6. Lastly, one should strictly follow the riding rules and regulations.

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