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Roaming in the hearts of nature, observing the minute details that have been uniquely imbedded in the nature is a heavenly intuitive feeling. Thrill with the icing of enjoyments and pleasure makes people love trekking and explore the nature on own. Trekking is the journey which includes camping, over night stays and many more activities that explain the dimensions of nature. Trekking is a lovable experience especially horse trekking. Horse trekking is one of the most excellent ways of trekking. Horse trekking as the term suggests is trekking with riding on horses. Riding on horses and trekking is itself an amazing experience that adds to the ambivalence. Horse trekking is not a new thing as has been carried out since early times when people used to carry out their expeditions with horses. Horse trekking is very useful as is a nice way to give a break monotony of life. Horse trekking is also beneficial for health. People after horse trekking are stress-less and also calm and composed. Horse trekking is also recommended by experts and doctors. Not only one gets to love nature but also fine medium for intra personal communication in the isolations. Horse trekking is very popular all around the world. Be it Mongolia, Mexico or India, every country having jungles or mountain ranges have been touristed at large scales. However horse trekking is not possible everywhere because of biological limitations but still places to be explored are countless. Places like Himalayan ranges and suburbs of Leh and Laddakh are just perfect for horse trekking because of their unique and suitable geographical features. Simply riding on horses does not mean horse trekking. It requires loads of skills and planning. Planning means marking the route and follow that strictly, also take all the basic required things while journey. When there is a horse, one gets to explore far distances. But is trekker's obligation to take care of the horse. One should always have enough back up supports for avoiding horses injuries. As far horses are concerned while trekking, one must choose them very carefully. There are some hybrid horses for trekking. They are able to hold till longer period of time and do not get tired easily like other ones. However, horses are available in plenty and get loads of option to choose. Horse trekking get more enjoyable with little expert and smart planning and execution as mentioned above.

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