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The term safari basically originated in East Africa, where it was termed as a hunting expedition. In general, safari can be defined as an overland journey, which is overtaken for fun and adventures. In toady�s era, safari comprises of all the activities like watching, sightseeing, photographing wildlife etc. The term safari always brings along with it loads of fun, excitement and adventures. It is usually believed to be the activity for the strong & young people. Safari tours are very exciting but at the same time are very challenging and thus one should have enough courage & determination to undertake one such tour. There are various types of safari tours, jeep safari being the most common example. A jeep safari can be described as an overland journey executed with the help of a jeep. A jeep is the ideal vehicle for travelling through level or even a rough terrain. A jeep safari can be undertaken among the wildlife, through a desert or even through steep mountains. A jeep safari can also be used for visiting small villages, which are hard to be reached by any other medium. A jeep safari acts as a perfect medium for interacting with different types of people of different villages and thus knows more about their tradition and culture. While going on a journey through mountains or hills, jeep is the best vehicle. One can camp out anywhere in an open space during the night. There are various advantageous features that a jeep safari offers to the travelers. They are-

  • A jeep safari can take one on a journey through various remote & hidden tourist destinations.
  • It can also take one through various difficult caravan routes or even through forbidden areas of the mountain ranges.
  • Jeep safari is the fastest way of viewing the wildlife as well as the natural landscapes.
  • A jeep safari also helps in exploring the endangered species of flora & fauna.
  • The speed of travelling can be easily controlled by increasing or decreasing the speed of the vehicle
  • A jeep safari allows 9-10 people to travel together and thus brings people of different classes together.
  • Viewing the lush green vegetation through an open jeep will remain an unforgettable experience for ever.
  • The most important thing is that a jeep safari is much cheaper as the expenses are shared by a group of people rather than by a single individual. There are various travel companies that offer jeep safari facilities. One can browse through the internet for any information regarding the travel companies. One should carefully opt for a good travel company because a wrong choice may fully destroy your trip.

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