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People living in cities or metros do not get the chances to experience the real beauties of nature. Metro lifestyle also has severe and adverse affects on human bodies mentally and physically. In such circumstances, trekking pops up as perfect magic potion that not only gives in a break but also nice outdoors. Trekking can be done in many ways depending upon ones ability and enthusiasm. One can prefer bike-trekking or horse trekking or any of the other ways of trekking. The main mottos of trekking are to experience/ understand the nature. Jungle Trekking is the finest way of getting closest to the nature. Jungle trekking means exploring, safari to the greeneries, mysteries, floras and faunas of jungle. Jungle trekking is generally a very thrilling and adventurous experience. For jungle trekking, one needs to plan well and use one�s promptness and expertise. Planning involves marking and understanding the map of the place. Also, prepare physically and mentally for the jungle's climatic conditions. Secondly, get all the required equipments required for jungle trekking. Jungle trekking requires specific things like navigator (compass), first aid box, good communication instruments and many others. Also, one needs plentiful food material and water for the journey. Also, one must have the skill to use the nature for own purposes like create fire from wood, jungle fruits and many others things that are only seen in jungles. Going in to dense jungle, one must have proper coordination for better, safer and enjoyable journeys. Mainly prefer walking for jungle trekking but one can go for bikes for mobilizing in jungles. While jungle trekking, one gets to enjoy the nature up to max. Jungle trekking is very popular amidst the masses. Especially India, where greenery is in abundance, jungle trekking is very much possible and suitable here. Several jungles of India, like in Uttranchal, Madhya Pradesh and many others have been identified as jungle trekking spots. However, country like India has hidden many seen and unseen jungles waiting for exploration. In the present, jungle trekking is getting very popular. Travel magazines or other means of media avails loads of information, guides and even suggestions regarding jungle trekking. Also, one can get expert advises about Do and Don'ts for jungle trekking. Health perspective and other profits for human have ascended the values of jungle trekking. Today jungle trekking is not only confined only for young people but also for mid aged people as well. Jungle trekking yields fastidious outdoors and invigorating boost for upcoming times.

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