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Trekking is for people who have real love for the nature and its embroideries. Trekking is also for people who have lots of guts and interest in adventures. But it does not mean that trekking is too tough or painful but in reality it's a healthy outing and resources of enjoyment. The best ways or places to trek are mountains. Mountain trekking involves loads of challenges, thrills and funs. Mountain trekking can be defined as mountaineering, and exploring the heights of mountains with own foot. Mountain trekking has been considered as the main and oldest trekking. Everyone is familiar with the fact that mountain trekking is not any easy job. It requires lots of planning and managements even before one starts traveling. Mountain trekking is all about traveling and heights. That is why one needs, good pair of gripping shoes and ropes and many similar basic things. Also, one needs good tents or camps for better and safer outdoor staying. One needs to carry all the basic things like first aid boxes, communication tools and many other things. India is one of the exclusive places in the world that is suitable for mountain trekking. Mountain ranges like the Great Himalayas and many others have been the fantasy of people over the years. In India, there are so spots that are still unexplored. One can do so many things while mountain trekking likes river rafting, exploring herbs and shrubs and many more. That is why; mountain trekking is an integral part of army training and curriculums. Looking at the modern interest and zeal in the mountain trekking, more and more people have become part of this fields. Looking at the other aspects, service providers like trekking tours are now commonly been advertised in all the forms of media. One can easily get loads of information about the mountain trekking via online and also magazines. There are many people and businesses have dependent on mountain trekking. One can also say that mountain trekking has become a kind of businesses as many training centers and also tour and travel are offer mountain trekking. In replication, one can clearly see the high demand and zeal into mountain trekking. With the passage of time, mountain trekking has been a common outdoors and looked upon as healthy exercises with fun. Also, mountain trekking is not only attracting youngsters but also people seeking some off from their usual tedious lives.

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