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In toady's world, the load of work and studies has resulted in the downfall of an individual. The individual gets sick of the work and finally its affect the health of the individual. The best remedy for such individual is camping. Camping can be described as an outdoor leisure activity, where people stay outdoors and get involve in various adventurous activities. The people who participate in camping are known as campers. The camping sites are generally places, which are far away from human civilization. This allows the people to avoid all the hustle & bustle of city life and thus enjoy their trip in peace. During camping one can fully enjoy the profound beauties of Mother Nature at their best. There are various types of camping tours, weekend camping being the common example. Weekend camping can be described as a type of camping in which people travel during the weekends to different places and camp out there during the night. Weekend camping is the ideal option for all those, who want to free themselves from the usual work schedule. Weekend camping gives a chance to the individual to relax and also recharges them for future. In a weekend camping one can enjoy various activities like fishing, angling, nature walks etc. Weekend camping is mostly organized on sites that are quite closer so as to save the time. Below are some tips that helps one in making one�s weekend camping trip a safe and comfortable one. Tips

  • Once should carefully prepare beforehand before going on weekend camping.
  • Always camp in groups as it quite safe. In addition, it also provides loads of fun and excitement, while travelling in groups.
  • If one is going to a new or unexplored site than always take a guide as it would travelling much easier.
  • One can go for a weekend camping packages offered by travel agencies. The good thing that such agencies also provide a guide.
  • Always carry along a bottle of fresh drinking water.
  • Wear clothes according to the season.
  • It would be better if one wears full sleeve clothes so as to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Always carry a first aid box as one may need it in an emergency.
  • Never wander alone in an unknown site, always stick to group.
  • Before leaving the camping site clear of the garbage so as to prevent pollution.

By following the above given tips, one can ensure to himself/herself a safe weekend camping trip.

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